O Thou Destiny! You have snatched away our Steve Jobs only at 56. What a sad demise! Strangely, the medical board of America couldn’t save such an invaluable life! In fact, there is no consolation, since the sufferings of Jobs was beyond control of the greatest physicians of the USA. People throng in America for better treatment. They get the same and live long. Sadly, Steve couldn’t go along with all those! Definitely, the disease was beyond any measure. Although we know how awkwardly he was suffering; grievance and grief shouldn’t walk side by side to find out truth.

I told you earlier, Jobs came to India for enlightenment in 1970 when Great Ma-Mahajnan was on the peak of her creation. What a genuinely struggle I perceived during last 48 years in her association! What a great struggling talent the world has just lost! What creativity is gone forever—one in India on 22 January, 2011 and the other in America on 05 October of 2011. Awfully, we lost both the mother and the son in the same year. Oh, what great defeat the century suffers to begin with!

See, how deeply the sorrows of my friend over there have been expressed! Although death is the best leveler, we can, in no way support its acceptance when it comes before us all of a sudden or untimely to snatch away one of our most beloved. “Yes it is a great loss, a very creative and perceptive man. Makes you realise that all the money in the world is powerless to solve the question of our mortality. Now while that may seem at first a worrying outcome, I find it strangely comforting in that it ‘levels the playing field’ somewhat and teaches us humility.”

How very beautifully death has been treated! It is solely a philosophical idea that can bring about an amendment in understanding that we badly need to survive. There is practically no way but to accept as it comes on our way. After all, birth and death are two incidents which have been exaggerated so long from religious point of view. Spiritually it has no great implication. Ma-Mahajnan has changed their interface and evidently they appear not at all so cloudy and controversial.

We see a game being present in the field; watch the same in live-telecast; that again, as time permits, in video. A few of us are really fortunate to have seen the Mother playing her worldly game rightfully blended with spiritual striving for a long time. We are proud of her elegant participation. So we console our mind thinking of her due presence all the while. Mournfully, the Americans wouldn’t find consolation being left in the lurch all of a sudden. Out of frustration the only consolation that revitalizes: “I find it strangely comforting in that it ‘levels the playing field’ somewhat and teaches us humility.”

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Ma-Mahajnan, a matchless spiritual genius, expressed her entire creation in a state of "Conscious Trance” which has all been stuffed with matters of highly philosophical value and related with strong literary sense. She could not attend even Primary School due to extreme poverty. Strangely, she was taught all by herself in the School of Nature. The weird and wonderful life is possibly the souse of her vast experience and profound realization. She was born on 17 July, 1928 and passed away on 22 January, 2011. Listen to what Ma-Mahajnan said once: What I tell you briefly about the early phase. Listen first about my life. I was married off at the age of thirteen. I was the second wife, my husband married for the second time and thus I came into his family. I didn’t get any chance for schooling.” You’ll perhaps weep to hear how I came as a wife, driven by utter poverty or how they packed me off. After that all at once I slowly progressed in the domain of that ‘Nothingness’-- “I’m the Mother; the Nothingness, too.”

Asokananda Prosad, Ma-Mahajnan's first disciple, is an engineer, a philosopher and a philanthropist. Being the missing son—the eldest and the first disciple of Great Ma-Mahajnan, he has had to shoulder so many burdens of Ashram and Temple. He has long been translating Works of Ma-Mahajnan, written in Bengali, into English. The Mother didn’t just put those in black and white, but simply expressed, extempore and spontaneous, in a state of “Conscious Trance” and Asokananda, along with his brothers and sisters of Ashram and Temple, got those tape-recorded. Director of Pub. Div. : Adarsha Prokashani; Editor of Journals : Nandan Kanan & Sudhi Sahitya; General Secretary : Ma-Mahajnan Vishwa Kalyan Trust; Secretary : Society for the Formation of Character and Sequence; Independent Scholar : Philosophy Documentation Center, Ohio, USA; An Inaugural Member as a Leading Philosopher of the World : 2006; International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; Invited to join The XXII World Congress of Philosophy 2008, held in Seoul, Korea, from 30 July to 5 August, 2008.