Does your breakfast look healthy? Or you don’t know much about it. For being a healthy person, it’s very important to start your day with nutrition breakfast. According to National health report, 40 million people of United States (18%) are affected with an anxiety disorder, and most of them are younger (between 13 to 18 ages). Also, a huge number of Adult are facings mental disorder and other body diseases. Food habits are one of the most common causes of this problem. So, it is very important for ours to take only healthy foods on our meal.

I often heard people said, what we will eat on our breakfast. Yes, it will be great, if you want to change your foods and don’t want to be fat or unhealthy body, then I suggest start your day with a healthy breakfast. If you are looking for quick breakfast recipes, to keep you healthy and improve your brain and body health and functionality, then keep reading till end. I will show you how to get a quick soul and mind boosting smoothies and how easily you can make it with a Powerful Nutri Ninja or Nutribullet professional Blender.

Eat Real Food to Give Your Body a Healthy kick

If you think only that you need to breakfast and eat some regular foods like some fish, green, fruits or seeds, then I said, it will not a wise way to eat breakfast. You don’t need to sound like hey, I want to be healthy, all you needed start your day fresh and take a balanced food and became a healthier person. You need to expand your foods habits. If you want that you need something fresh for your breakfast, which reminds you some dessert, then keep dig into the end.

Some super foods to keep you refresh until Afternoon.

Gelatin helps you in the diet because it depends on how our muscles meat consumption, for bad food practice we damage our boons, getting unnatural fat, cause skin damage and others parts. Traditional bone broths help in mucosal repair, while gelatin helps you to healing insomnia, anxiety, joints, hair, and skin.

Coconut Oil is a great way to achieve some natural fat. Coconut oil has a medium chain triglyceride, which is a unique saturated fat content. That fat is great for produce quick high energy. It helps you to refresh your immune system, metabolism and liquid balance.

Ghee is a powerful source of unique natural fats which contains a huge amount of vitamins A, D, and K, butyrate and CLA. Butyrate is a saturated fat can use for energy, support dead cell and boost your brains immunity. And most important ghee has the power to heal your body cells.

Body Boosting Breakfast smoothie Ingredients:

• One cup of Fresh/Frozen cherries (or other berries)
• 8 oz of simmer coconut water.
• For protein add 3/4 tablespoons of collagen hydrolysate.
• One tablespoon of germinates nut butter or sun butter.
• 3/4 egg yolks.
• 1 tablespoon of coconut-oil.
• Add ghee of 1-2 tablespoons.
• Add raw cocoa powder of 1-2 tablespoons.
• Blend and enjoy!

This Smoothie helps to balance your nutrition and gain your body strength. And you will not like take unhealthy foods on your meals.

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