The personal advantages to laughter and humor are not so much about being funny or the ability to tell jokes well. Rather, it is more about being open to humor, to finding it (almost) everywhere and taking it in. Humor makes us feel good (or better) and when we do, we work better, play better and relate better. As human beings we can only experience one emotion at a time and I say, “Let’s feel happy!” Happy, fun, humor; it all ties in together.

“Oh sure,” you might say, “It’s easy to find the humor and laughter when times are good. What about when we need it, like when times are bad?” You see if one can generate laughter and humor when times are good, then we begin to develop the tools we’ll need to bring us to a happier place when things go bad.

So much has to do with attitude. Some people just appear to be miserable all the time. I doubt this how they really want to feel. Others are kind of, “Woe is me.” Can they really be thinking that no one else has any troubles? It’s attitude! Put it all aside for a moment and find a way out. Look for some joy; it’s out there.

It’s in the simple things; a beautiful blue sky, the new spring flowers, a child’s laughter or some beautiful music. In fact, even during some really tough times, if you think about it, isn’t there someone out there who wouldn’t be happy to trade places with you?

We can do almost anything we desire, we just have to want to badly enough. And, if we want to feel happy, we simply have to want to. When we want to we find a way.

There are so many ways to feel happy:

Read the “funnies” in the newspaper.

Listen to your favorite comedy recording.

Play with some children, or play like a child.

Develop a hobby.

Get together with you best friend.

Join a Laughter Club (more on this at

Read my book, Practice Safe Stress (

Explore this topic on the internet, there are lots out there.

Decide to have some fun. Do it now! Yes, there’s more to it than just this, yet please use this to get started.

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