There is no commercial street left unseen with a restaurant located on it. Food and restaurant industry is spreading rapidly in today’s world. You will find more eateries on a street than any other shop. People these days are more interested in eating and setting eateries up. All these restaurants are famous in their own way from coffee to desert to steaks or any other dish. You name it and you'll find the best restaurant. Restaurants have a menu offering a special menu for kids, barbeque, burgers and much more to add. Also, a variety of fizzy drinks to cocktails will be found too.

For a restaurant, it is not at all an easy task to make a reputed position in the market. It requires a lot of hard work, sincerity and passion to take it from the ground level to somewhere high making it from scratch to something valuable and forever known.

Not every restaurant has been able to make a place in the heart of the critics. After all, the critics are the one who somehow runs the restaurant. One bad review and all is gone to waste. That is why it is necessary to make your critics happy which eventually makes you bring forth some good taste and quality and presentation along with it.

Said to be living as one of the oldest and well-known restaurants in the market is Kobe Sizzlers. Located and inaugurated at the Opera House in Mumbai, India, since 1975 founded by Vazir Rizvi and Ramesh Seth. This famous restaurant was once visited by Rajiv Gandhi when he was not a prime minister of India. Kobe has made such a reputable image in the market that it became necessary for the restaurant to expand. Along with India, Kobe has its franchises in Oman, United Kingdom and Canada as well. They are set to open in the USA later this year as well. This restaurant is famous for the sizzler dish served upon the hot sizzling plates it has been serving since its establishment and till date around 5 million of quality sizzlers have been served.

A very comfortable, homely atmosphere family restaurant welcoming you with warmth and gratitude every time you enter. The menu is designed by highly experienced food experts featuring a wide range of salads, soups, sandwiches, breakfast and more. But most importantly this restaurant is known for is the sizzler which is their bread and the butter.

Since Kobe has started serving sizzling sizzlers, it has also made the tongues crave for more. It is the belief of the franchise that strongly believes in good food and great quality service that has made Kobe the best and the busiest sizzler joint in the city.

Kobe is always welcoming towards the franchise having the same passion and interest for food and a strong interest in the brand value as franchising is one of the ways to move forward in the restaurant industry. The latest franchise was announced in December 2017 which was said to be functioning in 2018's April.

Kobe has tributes to its name from the International Gastronomic Award by El Bar as well as the title of “One of the Best Restaurants In the World” by Madrid Publications.

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