Home extensions and renovations are inevitable. There is no doubt about it. They are needed to keep your home in the pink of health and glory and to meet the needs that change with time.

At times, you need to renovate your dwelling to bring a change to it and end visual boredom. Hence, you cannot deem these renovation and extension expenses as useless.

However, that does not mean you should indulge in some unnecessary expenses under this head. You must think economically, and waive off the unnecessary expenses. Here some ways to part away with some unneeded home renovation and extension expenses.

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Keep the Plans and Designs as Simple as it Can Be

Do not go for unnecessarily complicated extension and renovation plans. For instance, if you opt for curvy structures and the ones with too many angles or corners, that will drill a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, a simple rectangular and square-shaped footprint with an open pitched roof will be the cheapest option.

Besides, do not go for products that you have to order for. That will cause your budget to overshoot. Opt for the materials used for home extensions in Melbourne that are readily available in the market. For instance, while dealing with the sub-floor opt for concrete. For the walls, concrete blockwork is the best option.

Talk to Your Neighbour to Enter a Waiver Deal

In case you are renovating the partition wall that is shared by your neighbour's property, or you are renovating near the partition wall, you need to meet the terms and conditions of the party wall act. You need to notify your neighbour of your intentions. Let your neighbour write to you that they do not have any objection to your plan. That will save you the expenses of hiring a surveyor for settling the party wall dispute.

Plan the Fees to Indulge in Savings

Do not invest much in design. You need to opt for the designers who are experienced and competent enough to keep down the costs. Certain companies would only come up with incredibly complicated, though innovative plans, which are excessively expensive. Hence, opt for the home renovation and extension service providers that come up with modest and useful plans, instead of expensive ones.

Do Not Hire the Cowboy Builders

As in any other trade, you will find some cowboy builders who underestimate costs - either because of their incompetence or because of their intention to grab a job by hook or by crook. Do not opt for them, as they will rip you apart. Ask for references, and that will spill the beans.

Instead, opt for companies that are vastly experienced, and have a good repute in the market. A look at the testimonials on the website of these companies will reveal the reality. Give an eye on the feedback that these companies enjoy.

So act wisely, and act with some common sense. That will help you save a lot while renovating and extending your house.

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The author is associated with a reputed company that offers home renovation services in Melbourne. Besides, the author is also an expert who offers consultations on home extensions in Melbourne. The author regularly writes blogs on house extension and renovations services.