Almost everyone has struggled with procrastination at some point in their lives. Today's busy lifestyle seems to encourage procrastination by forcing us to instantaneously prioritize according to our hectic schedules.

However, this leads to a false sense of accomplishment, because we are not prioritizing in the right way.

Many important tasks are left undone because other things appear to be more important at the moment. Eventually, the undone task becomes critical on our to-do list, but there is no time to get it done.

The best way to beat procrastination is by focusing on the positive aspects of getting things done.

Let's start by learning the correct way to prioritize...

Believe it or not, we are constantly in a state of prioritizing. Every thing we do and every action we take is evidence that we have prioritized that particular event or activity as being the most important thing we need to do right then. But is it really?

Unfortunately, this method of prioritizing is not helping us create positive end results. As with anything worth doing, putting things in proper priority order is a task in itself. However, it only takes a few minutes and can be done daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly.

Prioritizing is a method of settings goals for yourself. Completing the goals will leave you with a higher sense of self esteem and well deserved pride in yourself, because you took the time to take control of your life.

If the thought of creating a priority list seems too challenging, then take another look at the positive end result - you will beat procrastination.

Grab yourself a sheet of paper, or better yet, a notebook so you can keep up with your progress at the art of prioritizing and getting things done. It will be fun as well as beneficial, to have a notebook you can look back on a year from now and marvel at how well you handled the challenge.

Now start a list of things that need to get done. Think of every single thing you need to do during the next month. Write it down. If there is a due date, then write that down beside the task. You can rearrange the list later. The first step is to just write it all down.

Okay, you've written down every single thing you must get done within the next month. Now it's time to start prioritizing your to-do list. Tag your list according to which week of the month it needs to get done. Now you are ready to create your weekly priority list. Create separate pages for each week, starting with week one. Add your numbered items accordingly.

Place the weekly list on your refrigerator, or somewhere in plain view, and then check off each item as it is completed.

If you commit to this method of prioritizing for at least 3 weeks, you will have created a new and fruitful habit for yourself. Most importantly, you will have learned how to beat procrastination!

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