What is a CNA license and what is its purpose? These are the two important questions that arise in the mind of the candidate who want to pursue their career as a certified nursing assistant. This CNA license is issued from the governing authority after the completion of CNA course. The best part of CNA is that it is not affected by recession, like other professional sectors do.

CNA is a frontline nursing job that monitors the overall activities of the patient and helps in curing them in an effective way. You have to clear the CNA examination to apply for a CNA license. After the CNA certification, you need to undergo a training program that will help in getting the practical knowledge of the domain.

CNA is one of the best job opportunities for moving with the career path. There are 5 levels in CNA; the basic is the diploma in nursing assistant that is of 6-12 months after which you will be given a position of a certified nursing assistant, second is an associate level that is of 2 years after that you can be positioned as Registered Nurse (RN), third is the bachelor's level that is of 4 years after which you will be handling management activities, forth is the master's level that is of 2 years and finally the fifth doctorate level which is of 2-5 years after that you will be the expert of this field.

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The significance of CNA license is that you get a green signal to apply for the job of a certified nursing assistant in any of the renowned medical organization or nursing homes, etc. The salary offered for a fresher is $8 to $10 and for that of experienced candidate is $10 to $12 per hour. The concept of hourly basis payment is because these services are required 24X7.

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