That weddings are hectic and tiring is a fact. It may be fun, but when you take all the planning and the preparation associated with it, you cannot deny the fact that it is hectic. Amidst the million things that you need to take into account as your wedding approaches, there is the issue of wedding photography. Here is one issue, which you need to be very choosy about. Here is one poiissuent that you have to be very particular about – more so after you have opted for a wedding photography service provider.

The most crucial factor of wedding photography is arranging for the shots. The angles and the style of the shots, and a lot of other factors are going to make all the difference. Here are the factors that will matter the most in the world of wedding photography.


To make sure you get the best frames that freeze the picture-perfect moments, you need to hire at least two photographers. This will ensure that these candid wedding photographers in Kolkata from a wedding photography company can give their best shots and maximize the coverage.

The Dress Details

You will have a thousand wedding photos captured. However, that is not enough to raise eyebrows. You need to take into consideration the costume factor. This is because the outfit you wear can make a shot breathtaking. Besides, you need to have fitting hairstyles and overall makeup that will fit in with the dress and make the photos perfect.

Ring Shots

This is the latest trend that is making rounds in wedding photography. There are several ways in which the wedding ring can be shot. The wedding photographers can innovate many ways before deciding on a shot.

However, a still-life with the wedding rings placed on top of each other will make a lovely shot. Also, a close-up shot of your finger or hand against the dress you are wearing will also be a timeless still that will go down the memory lane.

Shot Shots

As and when you are getting your couple-shots snapped, ask the photographers to click a picture of your feet, as that will be a cute quirky still, more so with your mehndi on. Make sure it is black and white, with the anklet being the only coloured feature.

The collage of things

Right from the first save-the-date notifications to the wedding day menus, you can capture all the cutest moments and the red lettered days and make a collage of them, for a splendid collection.

The gifts

Similarly, do not forget the gifts. Once the guests are gone, you can put all the gifts together and have them clicked, as the image will be a nice little frozen moment of all the gifts that you have received. You can have a talk to the wedding photography specialist in Kolkata to find what is the best way to take the photos of your gifts.

All these are the finer points of wedding photography. You need to know about it. Only an experienced wedding photographer will be able to help you out in understanding the concept of wedding photography. You need to give the photographers a free-hand and help them come up with some ravishing wedding photos that will freeze the D-day forever.  

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The author is an experienced wedding photography specialist in Kolkata and is one of the most sought-after names in the world of candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. The person owns a company that specializes in wedding photography and is also a regular blogger who blogs on subjects related to photography, including wedding photography.