How usually have you come across an announcement or e-mail proclaiming to "teach" you the stock trading secrets that Wall Street Insiders don't want you to know? Usually enclosed within the descriptions of those trading products area unit claims like "Make 10K monthly in minutes per day", or "Learn the secrets of Professional Stock Brokers", etc. etc. So what area unit these "secrets" that they're SELLING?

And if the Wall Street Insiders and therefore the skilled Stock Brokers did not wish to reveal these trading secrets with you, then how come the companies or individuals selling you these products area unit thus fast to present up these "Never before revealed" techniques?
Is it as a result of they do not work, or are their products just the basic rules of trading rewritten (once again) in a new and thought-provoking way? Or, if you believe everything you read, is it some highly classified and secret method for trading stocks that is being SOLD here?

Stock Trading Secrets Revealed
In its most simplified kind, the real trading secrets of the institutions and professional traders fit into at least one of the areas below...

1) A well-developed trading system that has proven itself to profitably work over and over again in real-life trading
2) Knowing that trading methods work best in which markets
3) The role of the Market Makers and how they use their influence to control the market and how you can use this to your advantage
4) What trading indicators are reliable
5) that trading patterns area unit price using, and when
6) correct cash Management techniques, cash Management, and Cash Management (note the stress here)
7) How to take advantage of margin

So, contrary to what they want you to believe, this is what they are selling you. I've not spoken communication that every one of those trading products out there promoting unknown commerce secrets doesn't seem to be definitely worth the cash, but quite the opposite. If they can provide you with truthful advice about any of the above areas, AND this advice is not easily accessible or publicized, then their product may greatly benefit your trading results.
But, if they're merely commercialism you generalized trading data that you just will learn from any basic trading book, perhaps your money is better spent elsewhere. Buyer beware.

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