The advent and growth of social media has skyrocketed in the past few years. Nowadays, nearly every industry has joined the social media landscape for its obvious benefits and higher education is no different.

In the past few years, higher education institutions have undertaken rigorous higher education marketing campaigns in a bid to make school cool again. Evidence suggests that higher education marketing is working and is helping educational institutions experience high follower growth and increased overall social media engagement from prospective clients and students.

In the past, the use of brochures and pamphlets, as well as advertisements on TV and radio, was the norm. However, schools and colleges are now taking major steps to move towards digital transformation because students are looking online for schools first before they look anywhere else. So, what is the secret to high education marketing?

Telling a vivid story

Higher education marketing works best when the institutions in question tell a story that can engage potential students. Marketing campaigns that are crafted should have a strong delivery that resonated with students as well as offering vital information at the same time. Some of the resources that can be used to tell a story are student testimonials virtual tours and inspiring content.

Focus on the target audience

Higher education institutions tend to direct their marketing efforts to students, parents, as well as alumni interested in continuing or furthering their education. Prospective students and parents can be roped in using strategies that elicit a sense of excitement while parents like it when student potential is highlighted. For alumni, you will find that nostalgia works best to guarantee successful higher education marketing campaigns.

Cross-channel marketing

To make the best of a school’s marketing efforts, cross-channel marketing must be conducted. Cross-channel marketing involves engaging with the target audience across all social media platforms so as to gain real value from the experience.

Social influencers

Influencer marketing is trending because of its effectiveness. Influencer marketing involves using household names and celebrities to promote an institution to their adoring fans. Influencers are used to leverage students that consider themselves social savvy who are likely to be influenced or swayed easily.

Banner campaigns

Higher education marketing professionals encourage schools and colleges to use banner campaigns because they are easy to spot online and can be leveraged to attract users across different mediums and levels of engagement. Banner campaigns are used to attract students so that they can land on a school’s landing page where they are more than likely to be converted to paying customers.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.