If you love your dog, it’s natural to want them to have a healthy shiny coat. It does not matter if your pooch has long or short hair. Here is the secret on how to improve and maintain a great looking dog’s fur.

A healthy fur is important for dogs’ health and comfort. It keeps them warm during cold weathers, protects them from the sun, and guards their skin from dirt that may be carrying bacteria. Not to mention, a shiny and fluffy coat makes your pooch more adorable. That is why grooming is essential when taking care of a dog.

Many pet owners invest on expensive shampoos to make their fur baby’s coat smooth and silky. While shampoos could help improve dog’s hair, it is not enough. There are many things to consider to maintain a shiny coat. So if you tried several shampoos and didn’t get the result you expected, it is best to consider these factors.

Nutrition. A lack of nutrients can cause serious effects on dogs’ overall health including skin and hair. Make sure to provide your pet with a diet that has meat as its main ingredient. As dogs require high amount of protein in their diet. This nutrient is the building block of body tissues and important in generating hair, skin, and nails.

Watch out for allergies when introducing any foods to your furry baby. This is manifested by excessive scratching, redness or sore in the skin, and too much shedding. It’s worthwhile to change food when these symptoms occur. If the condition persists even after changing dog food, it is best to consult a vet. Other health problems may show the same signs. Such as infection of demodex mites or skin reaction from a harmful shampoo.

It’s also helpful to ensure that your pooch is getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient provides essential oils to improve dry and flaky skin and create a soft and shiny coat. Omega-3 is found in quality dog foods but there are capsule supplements you can offer for more fatty acid intake. Feeding fatty fish such as salmon and tuna can also increase your pet’s Omega-3 intake.

Regular brushing is critical to maintain a beautiful coat. It removes old and fallen fur from the pooch’s body allowing new hair to grow healthy. Brushing also improve blood circulation so it’s great for dogs’ overall health. Cutting their hair regularly is also necessary to avoid matting which can be very uncomfortable for them.

Shampoo is of course beneficial in maintaining a shiny fur but make sure it is fit for your pet. Some shampoos are too strong for your fur baby’s sensitive skin. Opting for a gentle one to avoid skin irritation and hair fall. Avoid using anti-tick shampoos regularly as it can cause hair dryness which may lead to excessive shedding. You can take advantage of anti-tangled shampoo for long coated dogs like Shih Tzu and Maltese. Or whitening dog shampoo to brighten up your white coated buddy. There are also conditioners for your pooch to nourish and smoothen his/her beautiful hair.

Avoid excessive bathing as this may wash out natural oils making the fur dry and fall. The number of times you need to bath your pet depends on its breed, coat health, and lifestyle. But the general rule is to bath a dog every 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, if your pup goes in the mud, you can bath him/her more often.

A clean dog is a happy dog. I hope you find this article helpful in taking care of your lovely fur baby.

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Isabella Whitmore is a dog owner and a volunteer foster fur parent for dogs who need a temporary shelter before they find their forever homes. She works at https://electrickettlesplus.com, an appliance website that offers all types of electric kettles.