You have seen the composition of a human cell. Whether it is a form of cancer, obesity, skin disorders, sleep disorders, bone disorders, heart disease, the undeniable truth lies in the fact that all health and wellness problems are mainly due to what you eat, beyond the elements that cannot control, lack of training, plain and simple. To tell you the truth, you are what you eat.

As you begin to understand why the body with its complex system consists mainly of water, proteins, amino acids, etc., and the purpose of each part of the body, as the main purpose of the large intestine, which is to extract liquids and nutrients from solid foods for distribution, so one must conclude that nature plays an important role in our well-being, as it was intended and always will be.

Without wanting to give you a course on the connection between the water supply of the earth, the leaves of the earth and the tree system and the human body (DNA RNA), you understand that there is a balance between eating naturally and your health. It means what your age and your suffering !

Okay, in a hectic modern society, it is not always possible to stick to the mother's natural qualities. However, at least everything should be done to give the body what it needs through other types of natural products, such as omega-3sm for those who do not eat fish regularly, as an example. , to counteract the toxins that enter your body system daily.

In hindsight, if you are looking for an alternative treatment for cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and other diseases, remember that most cancers are related to age. That is, as you grow older, more susceptible cancers and other illnesses develop again for several reasons, but more specifically because of a failed and waning immune system that has been constantly abused and bombarded by free radicals (external elements)! Your immune system must return to its natural fighting ability and raise glutathione levels for more visit here

The secret of the alternatives is no secret. You need to return to nature's properties to maintain the natural balance of your cells that only nature (fruits, vegetables, fish) can provide, and raise your glutathione levels in the meantime.

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Okay, in a hectic modern society, it is not always possible to stick to the mother's natural qualities.