Food connoisseurs all over the world love sushi, but don’t really know what a real sushi is. It is simply presumed to be raw meat. But in reality, raw meat is sashimi, and sushi is a blend of slightly sweetened and ‘vinegar-ed’ rice that is lined with sea weed (called nori) and wrapped around raw or cooked ingredients. Possible ingredients that can be wrapped include fish (cooked, steamed or raw), vegetables (avocado, cucumber, asparagus etc.) Japanese cuisine is subtle in taste and flavor, and traditionally prepared sushi is proof of this fact. While the West loves its sushi, there’s still a huge majority that’s quite overwhelmed by the art of eating it. Here are a few facts to help people understand this mystery:

To Dunk or Not to Dunk!

Purists warn you against dunking the entire sushi inside the sauce. If you need sauce, dip the fish (and not the rice) slightly. Go easy on the wasabi, as there may be already in some types of fish. Also, remember to go easy on the ginger, as it’s only meant to be a ‘between bites’ thing and not to be taken as a condiment. No self respecting Japanese would use Wasabi sauce that comes straight from the tube. In fact, some chefs are known to grate the wasabi themselves.

The Fish:

Salmon is not a conventional choice for sushi, although they are commonly found in the many stores that undertake sushi delivery in London. It is absolutely important that the freshest of fish is used, as fresh fish carries the risk of parasites. There are reports that some restaurants use food color to make the fish appear fresh. But such incidents are rare in the UK because of strict EU guidelines that forbids the use of fresh raw fish unless it is frozen below -20 degree Celsius in all parts for not less than 24 hours. However it’s best to avoid a restaurant that you aren’t sure about.

Some restaurants use exotic whitefish directly or stick to locally produce (to maintain the element of freshness). More often than not, the fish is sliced fresh at the chef’s table, and purists shun the practice of preserving pre cut slices in glass jars.

The Rice:

A true sushi chef places importance on the texture and flavor of the rice, than its stickiness. The best quality rice tastes heavenly even with the humble cucumber as the ingredient.

The Chef:

It takes years of experience to master the art of slicing meat. In fact, a true chef is known to even measure his diner’s mouth to determine the appropriate size of the morsel.

Sushi is so popular that it is even possible to order sushi online London. But before you order, make sure that you are mindful of the facts mentioned above.

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