This question is something that took me many years to discover the answer to. For years I had struggled in every way you can possibly imagine. Whether it was finances, business success, relationships, inner fulfillment, you name it.

Fortunately, one thing that I have always been gifted at is that at my core I am a researcher. From a very early age whenever I didn’t know the answer to something, I would throw myself into a whirlwind of studying trying to uncover what it was that I was looking for.

One night as I was reading desperately seeking out answers on how I could turn my business around, I came across this poem that albeit at the time seemed somewhat simplistic, the lesson I took from it literally changed my life forever…

I would like to share that poem with you here today…You can read it below.

To get he had tried,
yet his store was still meager.
To a wise man he cried,
in a voice keen and eager;
Pray tell me how I may successfully live?
And the wise man replied,
“To get you must give.”

As to giving he said,
“What have I to give?”
I’ve scarce enough bread,
and of course one must live;
But I would partake of Life’s bountiful store.
Came the wise man’s response;
“Then you must give more.”

The lesson he learned;
to get was forgotten,
Toward mankind he turned
with a love new begotten.
As he gave of himself in useful living,
Then joy crowned his days,
for he grew rich in giving.

-Arthur William Beer

And herein lies the secret to creating
wealth and abundance

It should go without saying that before you can directly receive something (or attract it into your life), you first have to give or create value for someone else.

Although movies like The Secret do a great job at portraying the attitude that is necessary to shift your mindset to one of abundance, one of the greatest disservices that has resulted from films such as these is that people are convinced that in order to get anything they want, they just merely have to ask for it.

“But wait!” you say… “Does it not say in scripture that ask and you shall receive?”

While I’m not doubting the power of asking, the truth is that we live in different times today. With more competition and choice than ever before, people are starting to become far more cognizant of where they place their trust and where they focus their attention.

If you merely just show up out of nowhere and start asking people with which you have no established history or relationship, how exactly do you think this is going to turn out? Right precisely…


The biggest sticking point for a lot of people is that they naturally assume that they don’t have anything of value to contribute and give to others. They look at their current state of affairs and assume that because they aren’t where they want to be that others won’t take them seriously or give them the time of day. Believe me…I’ve been there.

Should you still be accustomed to this way of thinking, I will encourage you to start looking at yourself and your future in a different light.

Whether or not you may believe it right now, you have so much more value to give to others than you currently are.

Think about it…At this point in time you’ve had many different life experiences that are incredibly valuable and have garnered many useful lessons. Don’t you think that if you shared these ideas with others who you wish to influence that that could lead to something magnificent for you in return?

Not only that, but within your network of friends & associates, don’t you think that in your circle of influence you might be able to introduce people together so that they could in turn create value from that relationship?

Also, whatever money that you have right now whether it be large or small, don’t you think that if you started to donate a portion of your income that money would come back in as a result?


While there are many other ideas I could share with you that can expand on this idea, the point here is this…

Before you can begin attracting the abundance you want, you first have to give and create value. If you create little value, you will receive little in return. If you create MASSIVE value, then you will receive much in return.

Know this, embody this, but most importantly start LIVING this as a daily practice. Always ask yourself throughout the day, “How can I create more value? How can I give more? Who can I give more to?”

Use your imagination to build the image of what you want to create and then begin focusing on how you can help others.

As Zig Ziglar once said, “If you help enough people get what it is they want, you can have everything it is you want.”

So what was your big takeaway from today’s lesson? Share your comments and feedback in the box below and let me know what you thought. I’ll be answering questions and reviewing comments personally.

To your abundance,
Michael Stead
Founder, The Abundance Society

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