As a business owner who works with other business owners, I see a lot of dreams. Sometimes these dreams take the form of little goals... I want to offer a new coaching program. Sometimes they take the form of medium goals... I want to facilitate a writing retreat. And then sometimes they take the form of a big-ass fantasy... I want to create a brand-new business to support women in transition.

The thing is - big, medium, or small - it's scary to go after your dreams. That's an easy word to use - scary - but here's what that fear really feels like.

A dream is like your child, your baby. Your dream needs to be nurtured to grow and succeed. But if you fail in nurturing and growing your dream, then it could die... and as many parents will tell you, the death of a child, or even the thought of the death of a child, is the worst thing possible.

So, imagine... that's what you're attempting to do: make your dream come alive, but you have this huge fear that it might not happen. And it's terrifying to think that your dream might fail, might die.

I did some consulting with a client who had a big dream of creating a movement around women in transition finding themselves again and reclaiming their power. But she wouldn't focus any major attention on that dream. Instead, she wanted to go the quick and dirty route of creating a product to sell - in an area that she had some experience, but she wasn't passionate about.


Because if the product failed, no big deal. No emotion invested. Sure, she might waste her time and effort, but she wouldn't be crushed if it was a no-go.

That fear of the dream and the thing you SO want with all your being dying is what keeps most people stuck or paused, or playing small.

So what do you do to overcome that fear?

First, tap into what this dream/goal means to you. Is this THE thing that you just KNOW you are meant to do? Is this your passion and purpose come to life in the physical world?

Secondly, if you realize this dream, and the goal comes to fruition, what are you going to be able to do as a result? How can you help people in this new way? What are you going to be able to provide your family and you when this thing becomes profitable?

Third, what will it do to you if you NEVER go after this dream? Will this be a regret you'll take to your deathbed? Will your soul die a little each day if you don't go after it?

Once you're clear on what this dream means to you, what you can do if the dream becomes a reality, and the consequences to NOT follow the dream, it may make the fear of failure a little less scary.

Because the fear of not doing it is actually scarier.

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