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Around 300,000,000 years, our world had another bout of flooding and this revealed deposits of gas, oil, zinc, and lead from enormous collections of vegetable and animal matter created at the time of the previous land submergences, while the mineral deposits represented the sedimentation of sluggish bodies of water. Many of the rock salt deposits belong to this period.

The trilobites rapidly declined, and the center of the stage was occupied by the larger mollusks, or cephalopods. These animals grew to be fifteen feet long and one foot in diameter and became masters of the seas. This species of animal appeared suddenly and assumed the dominance of life.

The great volcanic activity of this age was in the European sector. Not in millions upon millions of years had such violent and extensive volcanic eruptions occurred as now took place around the Mediterranean trough and especially in the neighborhood of the British Isles.

The oceanic climate remained mild and uniform, and the warm seas bathed the polar lands. Brachiopods and other marine-life fossils may be found in these deposits right up to the North Pole. Gastropods, brachiopods, sponges, and reef-making corals continued to increase.

The trilobites have nearly disappeared at this time, while the mollusks continue as the monarchs of the seas; coral-reef formation increased greatly. During this age, in the more favorable locations the primitive water scorpions first evolve. Soon thereafter, and suddenly, the true scorpions---actual air breathers—made their appearance.

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Check out Ms. Oberne’s work-in-progress, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond.” FREE to READ available on Apple…

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