When we begin to examine the problems encountered by marriages in our modern day society, we would notice a disturbing trend. We unfortunately take many of these lightly. Left unresolved, they just eat away at the fabric of our marriages. Our intention here's to look at one such issue so we can guard against it.

It's a normal thing in every marriage that they encounter issues from to time. One thing that we might not like to acknowledge is that we bring many of these issues on ourselves. One such issue is emotional infidelity. This might not seem to be something truly important. You might even ask the question - what is emotional infidelity? I would I would respond by answering.

Emotional infidelity is an emotional closeness with a person other than your spouse. Words are mostly the vehicle through which emotional infidelity is driven. It is for this reason that physical intimacy does not need to be involved. From this point, we go on to a serious problem.

Many of us would say we are not guilty of emotional infidelity so we would look at the issue from a different angle. I would ask some questions. Sincerely providing answers to these questions would help us determine if you actually are guilty or not.

Are you a Facebook user? Aside Facebook, are you constant on another social media network? This is the first question. Your answer to the above is likely in the positive. This leads us to the followup question.

How much time do you spend on these networks?

You may want to know that a staggering 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook monthly. This is enough cause to worry. These minutes we're made to know come from time spent before on face to face relationships and interactions. When we consider this in line with what we're looking at, you would agree that this is not encouraging. Now let's ask the next question.

Who do you spend all this time with on the social network?

You of course can't say that you spend all that time with your partner. The only exception may be those who reside in locations different from their partners. In most cases, people have online pals that they spend time with.

As if the matter of spending so much time chatting online is not enough, we now include video chat which really increases the chances of emotional infidelity. People now have video chat and strip for themselves. Would you think a married person who participates in such a practice with an individual other than his or her spouse is guilty or not? Since it's not physical, we name it emotional infidelity.

There's a need to do something and this action may need to be taken by you alone. If you desire to know how to save your marriage alone, then begin by practicing the following:

- Create time for your spouse

- Carefully manage your time on social media

- be wise about how you relate on social networks

- Discover a way of catching your spouse's attention so much that they don't have time for social media

- Your spouse has to be aware that you are always there for them

I see this as a fight and only those ready to save their marriages would be able to fight it.

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