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141 Of The Greatest Laws And Principles Of Success Achievement From The Wisest Masters Of All Time,
Including Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Earl Nightingale And Og Mandino.


What Exactly Is “Total Success”?

Your Super Powers – And How To Use Them.

Accurate Thinking – The important and the unimportant – The relevant and the irrelevant.

How To Create, Build, Govern, And Control Your Own Income - You’re Own Destiny – And Your Own Business

The Andrew Carnegie Secret To Riches In Life.

Learning How To Act As If You Already Are – Until you become that person. A good actor can get paid twenty million dollars just to act as if they were someone else in a motion picture.

Stepping Up To A Higher Rate Of Vibrations – Bringing into operation the “Law of Harmonious Attraction.” Like attracts like.

Self Mastery – Either you conquer and master yourself, or you will be conquered by yourself. Either life is the rider and you are the horse and you go where life takes you – or– life is the horse and you are the rider and you take life where you want to go.

Overcoming Obstacles, Adversities And Discouragement – The Chinese have two symbols – one stands for trouble, and the other for crises – when put together, they represent opportunity.

The Master Mind Alliance Success Principle – The alliance of two or more minds in a spirit of harmony to mastermind and achieve their goals in life. Follow-Up Maintenance Program With “The Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs”

Achieving Your Greatest Potential - You still have undeveloped and unrealized powers, possibilities and capabilities that can – but have not yet come into being.

The Power of Positive Thinking.

The Power Of The Spoken Word

The Power Of Your Brain

The Power to Choose

The Power Of Concentration

The Power Of Confidence

The Power of a Flawless Character

The Power Of A Strong Purpose In Life

The Power Of Desire

The Power Of Enthusiasm

The Power Of Faith

The Power Of Going The Extra Mile

The Power of Taking Personal Initiative

The Power of Persistence

The Power Of Goal Setting

The Power Of Habit

The Power Of Hope

The Power Of Imagination

The Power of Specialized Knowledge

The Power of Adversity and Defeat

The Power of Money

The Power of Personal Magnetism

The Power Of Quality Control

The Power Of Research

The Power of Sound Health

The Power of Self Control and Discipline

The Power of Time

The Power of Understanding People

The Power of Venturing

It’s Never Too Late - You’re never too old, too young, too tall, too short, or too anything.

If They Can - So Can You. There Is Nothing You Can’t Overcome.
There Still Is And Always Will Be An Abundance.

The Two Biggest Lies That Lead To Failure.

What Does Everyone Want To Gain, To Be, To Do, And To Save?

The Discovery Of Yourself - “I’m trying to find out who I am.” Why bother – you might find out that you’re a jerk! Never mind who you are - Who do you want to be? And then – To Be Or Not To Be – that is the question!

What’s Missing In Your Life?

Let’s Take An Inventory Of Your Needs - Physiological, Biological, Self- Fulfillment, Social, Or Actualization, And Psychological.

Balancing Your Life For “Total Success” – Financial, Career, Health, Recreation, Family, Personality, Self-Image, Spiritual, Social, Mental, Character And Physical. Succeeding In all of these areas.

Opportunity Is Always Knocking – Find A Need And Fill It.

Uncovering Your Heart’s Desire - To succeed in life you must succeed in being yourself.

Finding And Pursuing Your Labor Of Love - Work which you enjoy doing and which brings out your greatest creative effort.

Defining, Developing, Pursuing And Achieving Your Definite Major Purpose In Life

Life’s Greatest Riches.

Freedom Of Body And Mind.

Peace Of Mind.

Self Reliance And Complete Independence.
Personal Security.

Persistence – Perseverance – Persisting with bulldog determination that will eventually mow down all opposition. There are many starters in life, but very few finishers.

Building And Continuously Intensifying Your Desire – There are many “firemen” in life, who come along and put your “fire of desire” out. You have to become an “arsonist” and keep setting that fire.

The Power Of Controlled Attention.

Building Stronger Faith, Belief, And Confidence In Yourself. The Subconscious Mind – How to make it work for you.
Affirmations – The science of the spoken word – What you say is what you’re going to manifest.

Creative Visualization – Treasure-Mapping – One picture is worth a thousand words.

Animal Magnetism (The Power Of Sex Transmutation).

Positive Thinking – We think approximately 10,000 thoughts per day – 90% are negative. Staying away from the negative thinkers and joy-killers – their influence is deadly. Accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative.

Enthusiasm – It is to spring foreword each morning with the thrill of being alive.

Pulling The Weeds Of Destruction From The Garden Of Your Mind.
Reprogramming Your Mind For Greater Success.

Posting Your Security Guard At The Door Of Your Mind.

Instructing Your Nightshift Foreman To Work For You While You Are Sleeping.

Getting The Most Out of Your Most Priceless Possession – Your Time. Accomplishing more in life while doing less. The secret of a happy and successful life consists in “Taking time to live.” Effectiveness verses Efficiency.

What’s Your “Bottom Line”?

Creating Plans That Are “Faultless” To Achieve Your Major Goals. All About Money – Your income in life will always be in direct ratio to three things: The demand for what you do – your ability to do what you do – and the difficulty in replacing you.

It’s OK To Get Rich. Here’s How.

Napoleon Hill’s Journey Through The Black Forest – Overcoming The Enemies Of Success – In your journey through life there is a dangerous forest you must pass safely through. This lesson is your guide and road map.

The Major Causes Of Failure To Avoid.

The Enemies Of Success, Happiness And Peace Of Mind.


Success Habit Formation And Fixation – We are where we are in life and who we are because of our habits – good or bad. Learn how to establish “success habits” and become a slave to them.

Creative Thinking. Imagination – Every great idea and accomplishment first started in someone’s mind. How to dig for gold in yours.

Idea Development.

The Gold Mind Between Your Ears.

The Three Sources Of All Ideas.

Becoming An X-pert In A World Of Amateurs.

Joining The Top 5% In Life.

“You” Incorporated – Running your life like a successful corporation.

Going The Extra Mile. Q + Q + MA = C.

Personal Initiative – There are three kinds of people: People, who make things happen, People who watch someone else make it happen, and people who don’t know what’s happening.

Anhedonia – The inability to experience joy and pleasure in life – the walking dead.

Learning To Live In The Now – Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. You don’t have a guarantee that you will be here tomorrow – A successful life consists in taking time to live. Success – is turning your NOW into total fulfillment.

Life Is?

Overcoming Your Fears, Doubts, And Worries.
Problem Solving Techniques That Are Foolproof.

The Science Of Goal Achieving – Learn how to “fix it” so you won’t fail.

Sound Health – Looking good – Feeling good – Living good. Mental, Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Health.

Building Your Vitality – Vitality is what differentiates the living from the non-living people who are walking around out there. Vigor! Zest! Enthusiasm! Sizzle! Keeping your sizzle from turning into a fizzle.

Revitalizing Yourself For Greater Accomplishments.

Building Your Personality, Presence And Personal Magnetism. Some people brighten up the room when they enter – Others brighten up the room when they leave.

The Most Distinctive Qualities Of An Attractive Personality.

Developing And Projecting Presence.

Personal Magnetism Test.

Personal Magnetism.

An Engaging Personality.

Developing And Radiating Natural Charm.

Building Your Charisma.

Developing Greater Confidence And Poise.

Highlighting Your Uniqueness.

Filling Your Body Language And Facial Expressions With Sizzling Vitality.

Tactfulness And Skill In Dealing With, Influencing And Winning People.

Common Habits Which Destroy Your Personality.

Standing Out In A Crowd.

Building A Flawless Character.

How To Radiate And Glow.

The Song Is You.

How To Arouse Interest.

Harmony In Human Relations.

Getting People To Like You

Leadership Qualities - You Become The Guide. Everyone is looking for someone to look up to – someone they can trust to lead them and guide them to a better life. There are many followers in life – the sad thing is that most of them are following the wrong person. They are playing “follow the follower.” What a good leader is.

The Quest For Excellence.

The Attributes Of A True And Great Leader.

Conscience - An Inner Voice.

Truth And Integrity.

Character. Prudence.

The Golden Rule.

Harmony Among All People

The Art Of Listening To Others.

Empathy-Ego Balance.

The Capacity To Understand People.

Visions And Ideals.


The Time Is Now.

Getting Your “Masters Degree” In Success.


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In The Early 80’s, Rick Got A Phone Call From A Mr. John Haid Who Was The President Of The Napoleon Hill Academy. He Said That He Heard Quite A Bit About Rick’s Classes And That He Wanted To Fly Out To San Francisco To Meet With Him. When They Got Together, He Told Rick He Was Going To Set Up A Napoleon Hill Academy Franchise In Northern California And Wanted To Find The Most Qualified Person To Run It. He Was Here For About A Week And Interviewed Several Eager People Who Wanted That Privilege, Including Rick. Many Of Them Were Very Successful And Had Lots Of Money To Gladly Pay For The Franchise. After Several Meetings With Each One Of the Prospects, John Decided That Rick Was The Most Knowledgeable On Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles And Gave The Franchise To Him.