If you are familiar with affirmations you may think they are simply some nice phrases based on positive thinking. Some people swear by them, saying they’ve changed their lives. But many people are just not sure if they really work – some even think they are just a bunch of “new-age hooey”.

There is a lot of incomplete information about affirmations out there, but the idea of using affirmations won’t go away. The reason it won’t go away is because there is much more to it than meets the eye. Affirmations are extremely powerful and can be used as the framework for experiencing wonderful results in your life; if you have the right information.

I’m here to tell you in no uncertain terms that affirmations really work – and I can prove it to you.
And not only do they work, but they work all of the time.
You have to first understand that there is a science behind affirmations. There are indisputable laws – like the laws of gravity and cause and effect – indisputable laws that affirmations operate by.

In order to really understand how affirmations work, you have to understand what they are.
Affirmations are not just pretty words or nice phrases. They are powerful declarations that create actual shifts in the energy around you. And these energetic shifts, like ripples in a pond, have an effect on the universe as a whole.

Here’s part of the proof I will give you: your life is a result of your affirmations – it’s just that simple, but not always easy to swallow.
When I tell people this, often the response I get is something like this: “First of all, I don’t even use affirmations. Secondly, if I did use them, my life would be much better”.
But the reality is; if your life is not going according to plan, it is because of your affirmations. You see, your affirmations are not only your words, but also your thoughts, feelings and actions, not to mention other types of “secret” affirmations that most people are not even aware of.

One solution is to change the way you think, act and what you say. For many people, that is a big challenge, however, here again is where affirmations again can play a huge part.

Once you learn to understand the full power of affirmations, you’ll see clearly how it is that you use them, and sometimes misuse them, every day of your life. You’ll also begin to have a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Because “the secret” is, is that the universe actually responds to our affirmations.

Would you like to find out how to use affirmations to change your life, absolutely free?

In my book, “The Science of Affirmations”, I teach you the correct understanding of affirmations, why and how they work.
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Jack Roberts is an author, professional speaker, corporate trainer and spiritual teacher. He has been involved in the personal development field for more than 20 years.
Jack is the owner of Club Success, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and companies create strategies for continued success.
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