Did you know that there is real science behind your addiction? If you have an addiction to alcohol or some other type of substance, there are actual chemical changes in your brain that are forcing you to stay addicted to these substances. This is what makes overcoming an addiction so challenging. In order to truly overcome your addiction, you have to reverse the changes that have been made in your brain, so that you no longer have physicals constraints, weighing you down to the substances. Below, you will find some of the science behind your addiction, and discover why it is important to receive drug treatment services for this addiction. Drug Treatment Centers Jupiter FL is just one of many Outpatient Treatment Centers in the Florida area. By going to one of these locations, you can learn how to truly recover from your addiction and experience sobriety like you never have before.


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in your brain, that is at the basis of your reward circuitry. The reward circuitry is basically the part of the brain that rewards you for doing good things. You may not have ever known this was here, it's actually what keeps you doing things that are vital for your survival. For instance, the reward circuitry releases dopamine whenever you drink water, go to sleep, eat food, or do anything that your body needs to survive. This is how we know to continue doing these actions, because without dopamine, you would have no idea that these things were pleasurable and gave your body satisfaction. Unfortunately, levels of dopamine in the brain can be manipulated when you take substances like alcohol or drugs. These substances release dopamine in the brain, even though you are doing nothing for your survival. It is manipulating the evolution of your body, it's unfortunate that dopamine is able to be manipulated in this way. In order to overcome your addiction, you have to reverse these chemical changes that have been made to your reward circuitry. You have to teach the body that you are not reliant on your substance abuse, in order to get normal, healthy amounts of dopamine released into your body. You will have to return back to the natural state of dopamine releases, experiencing pleasurable releases of dopamine for natural things, instead of manipulating it with substances.

Addiction treatment facilities are places that can teach you exactly how to do this. They will teach you how to cope with your addiction, be happy with yourself, and be confident. They will give you the skills and necessary tools that you need in order to develop a strategy for success with your sobriety. Becoming sober is not going to be an easy path to walk. You will likely have many challenges in the future, it's not going to be something that you can fix overnight. You'll have to make serious changes to your life, eliminating access to alcohol or drugs as best you can. You may have to change the people that you hang out with, the things you do on a daily basis, and a lot of other things about life.

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