The Sandwich Generation:
Who are they and where did they come from?
The sandwich generation is that generation who's parents are needing help as they are living longer than expected; Combined with children that are failing to launch. The sandwich generation has evolved as the result of the cultural evolution of the past 30 years. Some of the reasons are: parents living longer, children of the baby boomers having children earlier and without the benefit wedlock and the children of baby boomer's failing to successfully launch their families and careers.
The lack of financial education, planning and the poor preparation of this generation's future have led to a reluctance to use financial tools to budget their resources. The end results are verified by so many families not having the necessary protections and resources. They've been living with no regard for the tomorrow that arrived today.
The parents of the baby boomer generation are living longer and are in need of help coping with the challenges of aging. Many of them have exhausted their savings and are outliving their incomes. They are facing the hard reality of preparing for their passing. Caring for an elderly parent is a new, but not unique role on the stage of today's Boomer generation. Unfortunately, nobody gets a dress rehearsal. Being the parent to your aging parent presents extraordinary challenges that most of us never imagined. I can personally attest to this!
These challenges to the aging are just as daunting to them as they are to us. To see and feel control slowly slipping away in one's life, even the small stuff, can be frustrating and devastating. More than 25% of American families today are involved in one way or another with caring for aging parents and loved ones. You are not alone.
Today’s family is completely unprepared to deal with the many issues ranging from the legal and financial to the emotional.
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Author's Bio: 

Knox Bates III is a consultant for high tax bracket income professionals. He owns insurance licenses in multiple states and is retirement specialist. He's a decorated USAF veteran and a retired USPS professional with over a quarter of a century of experience in the military and federal services. Knox has facilitated retirement benefit clinics and workshops for clientel throughout the private, federal and military markets including but not limited to: the IRS, U.S.Secret Service, the Veterans Administration Police Department, medical professionals and personnel, federal unions(i.e.NTEU, NALC, APWU) and all branches of the US Armed Forces.