It’s no secret that making sales is a process—and that each step counts in locking in a conversion. When it comes to online marketing especially, the sales process becomes paramount to your success. It’s not only about being persuasive; it’s about ensuring your customers are nurtured past the conversion point to becoming a word-of-mouth promoter.

If you’re like a lot of CEOS out there, you may have struggled with the sales process. You may put a lot of time and energy without results. Once you implement these four tips, you’ll go from start to finish with great success.

Step 1-Attract the Right Traffic: It’s a fact—not every person will have a need for your products, services, and solutions. If you’re looking for the wrong customer, your efforts won’t be successful. Take some time to assess what kind of person would benefit most from your business, and attract them to your business with social media, marketing emails, and when you attend live events.

Step 2-Nurture Your Email List: Once you’ve identified your target market, it’s time to figure out what to offer them. If you run a multi-faceted business, you may want to segment your list to make sure you’re making the best offer to fit the needs of your client base. Do a lot of research about the problems people are experiencing and offer the right solutions. Remember that there is no blanket solution that will fit every customer, so make it a point to tailor your solutions based on specific needs.

Step 3-Deliver and Satisfy: This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it can get tricky. Once you’ve nurtured your email list strategically, a large chunk will have reached the conversion point. While that’s great that you’ve made a sale, it’s imperative that you’re offering lives up to its promise. It never hurts to ask your customer directly if their purchase left them satisfied. Once you achieve this important step, your customer will be more likely to become a promoter.

Step 4-Upsell: A lot of business owners find this step difficult—feeling like it’s too much to ask a customer to buy something else once they’ve already purchased. But really, this is an essential part of the sales process. When the upsell is executed strategically, you will become a problem solver. Think of it in simple terms—if you order a piece of cake at a restaurant, the server may offer you coffee to go with it. It’s not that the restaurant is selling more; it’s that they’re improving a situation.

By implementing the above 4 steps, you’ll be able to navigate the sales process successfully time and time again.

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