It does not matter if you are salesperson of the year or if you are in the first week of your sales career, you will definitely come across a period of time where you will encounter a steady stream of 'No Thanks'

During these challenging times it is very easy, despite the salespersons amazing talent and potential, to lose confidence and worst of all, the motivation to get back out there and start selling again.

In these trying times it seems far easier to take refuge in the office where it seems secure and more of a safe haven than to get back out there selling again.

When you lose that elusive quality of motivation it is absolutely vital that you do everything in your power to get it back again.

You will see that the top salespeople are able to pick themselves up and get right back in the game,

These people possess motivation and resilience which enables them to call every prospect as enthusiastically as if they were on a roll . These salespeople's desire to succeed means that they leverage their often ordinary abilities to achieve exceptional results.

The good news is that everyone can get themselves in this mindset, it is definitely not a case of if you haven't got it now then you never will.

Here are 4 steps to get you started...

1. Motivation Is In The Mind

The best way to get motivated is 'Get Moving'. What I mean by this is lack of motivation is often caused by fear and lack of confidence. The solution to this is to take action and face the your fear head on.

If you consistently summon the courage to move forward in the face of fear, in this case the fear of your sales prospect saying no, you will soon find that you can over come rejection, which will inevitably happen, and not give up easily when you are confronted by a challenging situation.

2. Have a Goal In Mind

If we take a look at an Olympic Athlete their goal or end result is obviously a medal. But it may surprise you to know that for some athletes just the chance to take part in the Olympic games is all that they need to stay disciplined and focussed and all the time knowing that they are unlikely to win a medal. What is important to one person may not be as important to another.

We can relate this to the salesperson by saying that it is common for us to get confused with why we do something rather than what we need to do. For example closing a sale or making a quota.

3. You Will Achieve More With Faith Rather Than Fear.

It is true that fear is a powerful motivator but if you are fearful all of the time you will soon find yourself being ground down.

It is far better to have faith in knowing that you will receive your end result. even though it is doubtful it will be easier, just have that deep down faith will drive you on.

This will free you from your limitations and lead to brilliant results.

4. Can You See The Future?

The thought of having a strong personal vision may to some people seem to be a little 'pie in the sky' but research has shown that we subconsciously move towards the picture that we hold in our minds that is also felt in our hearts.

The leading sales managers realise that they will get far better results if they expect the best possible performances from their sales people rather than keeping expectations low.

It is almost as if magic is involved when setting challenging personal and professional goals and achieving them. When you set goals that really test you, your knowledge and skills will expand and you will find that there isn't anything more motivating than that feeling of accomplishment.

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