Inspired to go down the golden road of yoga and ayurveda? Stay warned, this will mean an array of lifestyle changes, from more wholesome food to waking up early, and exercise!

Rescuing you from the overwhelming commotion of everyday existence, the mind-body discipline of yoga will empower you to be in control of all your thoughts and impulses and ayurveda keeping your body biochemicals balanced.

Here is a blueprint of the yoga-Ayurveda for a better lifestyle

Be Aware of Your Doshas - The three doshas- vata, pitta, and kapha are biochemical elements which relate to one’s dominating personality trends of being a man of tattva qualities- of purity and knowledge, raja- of action and passion, and tama- ignorance and inertia. An imbalance in the vata, pitta, kapha triad would create undesired personality traits, making life harder.

With an insight into Ayurveda, you can judge the state of your being and follow an appropriate lifestyle. When it’s the time of struggle or battle, you must follow a diet and lifestyle which is raja boosting, while a period of learning must be supported by a sattvic routine. The downgrading quality of the tamas at all time must be kept at bay with tama dispelling intake and mind-body exercise.

Attending a yoga retreat in India, the very birth land of the wisdom will open you up to dosha-consciousness and enable you to be in charge of your life.

Follow a Daily Asana Routine - In yoga-Ayurveda thought, the body is a temple. The extremely subtle and complex machination of it can be fully understood only through rigorous exercise. The more you exercise, the more you can attune your physicality to a rhythm that is good for you. In the asana compendium of yoga, there is a practice for every need and every temperament.

Practicing the core-strengthening sequence will give you fortitude and rock solid stability. The restorative line up, on the other hand, will fill you with relaxation after a hard day’s work. You can easily receive the training you need to establish, a thorough asana routine lies at your nearest yoga drop-in place or maybe, if your time and resources allow it, go for an elaborate yoga vacation in India.

Mindful Eating and a Balanced Diet - You are what you eat, it’s true!

To be mindful of choosing your grubs is easier said than done. For starters, you can’t determine what is good for you according to your unique physical, emotional, and psychical constitution. While a general dietician will advise you to go low on carbs, more greens, raw fruit, etc., as a formula for all cases, Ayurveda will take into account your unique dosha or the overall state of the threefold vata-pitta-kapha biochemical constitution.
While Vata-dominant persons need to keep away from cold, dry weather and cold, dry, raw food, pitta people must avoid sour things like pickles or sour cream. Attending a few days of health and wellness retreat in India will open you up to these facts and assist in you becoming more in -charge of what you eat. Result?- a more conscious living!

On the same note, remember to follow through an Ayurvedic Detox food regime every once in a while. Detox herbal hot oil massage spas too should be complimentary ridding you of accumulated toxins.

Meditate Whenever You Can - Meditation goes a long way in making one stable and confident. Know in your heart who you are and what is your purpose, and no negativity in the universe can shake you from this strong footing.

Cultivate a discipline of yogic mantra chant and meditation at fixed hours of the day to seek out the deeper you. It’s a marvelous experience that nobody should miss to discover that the answer to all of life’s crises actually lies within.

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