The greatest poet in the whole universe is God, who created all the beautiful things that enriches the cosmos. Most poets in the world see the beauty of God in every aspect of life, which is what makes them an Award winning poet. They pour their heart into the words that come out of their soul which depends on the situation that the poet’s mind has captivated. He/ She has to set themselves apart from the world and the fast flow of the modern world to true get into what they want to convey through the poem they wish to create. Award Winning Poet is trying to communicate through the words, which has a piece of their soul in it.

Romantic suspense authors generally set such stories in the contemporary times, but you can also find some novels set in the historic times. A famous romantic suspense author, Amanda Quick uses the historical time period to showcase her stories. As the name suggests the element of love and romance is an essential aspect of the novel. If suspense is the body, the love relationship between the protagonists is the heart of the story. The element of suspense should be largely affected by the love and romance and in turn should also affect the love and romance.

Romantic suspense is the most prefers suspense books read especially by women. Since it has often seen that the pivot character if of women in such books. It is easier for women to align themselves with this factious character. Women are little more imaginative rather than men; they really want to escape from their present reality world to some unknown fancy world. Women mostly read these books. These categories of women’s fiction appeal to women in particular. There are teenagers romantic suspense books as well as for mid aged women or old age. It covers everything under its umbrella. Authors such as Linda Howard, Anne straut, Pamela calre are known as romantic suspense authors. Their books have special suspense plot which is liked by people of different age.

Women’s fiction is not a direct sub category of the romance novel. Women’s fiction is a broad term which encompasses any type of literature that is targeted to female readers. This can include romantic fiction, romantic suspense novels and chick lit. Women’s fiction is however different from women’s writing. Women’s writing is literature written by female writers while women’s fiction is writing for women readers.

Chick lit is American college slang and first appeared in print form in the year 1988. Chick lit is a genre of fiction that addresses the contemporary issues of womanhood, often in a light manner. Chick lit sometimes deals with violent and sexual themes in an explicit manner. Chick lit usually has a contemporary setting and deal with problems faced by the modern woman. It also unravels the emotional and soft side of women and reveals their vulnerability without portraying them as inferior beings.

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Jane Rosenthal is an award winning poet, radio journalist, a romantic suspense author and an educator. She received a degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State where she studied with Frances Mayes. She loves to write on about Chick lit and Romantic suspense .For more details please visit: