The concept of the shadow has been central to many forms of indigenous healing shamanic healing to modern psychoanalytic work of Carl Jung. In the world of the new era that can be quite muddy and confused, because traditionally the "Healer" is traveling in the dark realm in the name of which is cured. But not really that mystical - and when you understand - can be a great organizational tool for understanding the healing journey.

You can not talk about the health of modern humans regardless of their environment. All day, every day from birth, we have been asked to process information or encouragement, often in direct conflict with our ideals, beliefs or the way we see ourselves. To protect ourselves from going completely crazy, our mind creates a reservoir that does not fit our environment. Nothing enters this reservoir until it has been judged harshly by ourselves or others. So - they begin to deny who we really are, to coincide with our environment.

I would go one step further and say that within this reservoir are unprocessed traumas that have been too difficult to feel. All trauma requires a full version in order not to affect our health - what it means to feel the pain completely. But we prefer the shadow stick with it for as long as possible in order to continue to participate in society. But everything in the shadow wants to go - and what's more is that we need to go to fulfill our destiny.

What I mean by this? All traits that have been rejected and driven into hiding were given to us for a reason. At birth, these traits were prepared and ready for use in our way of life. They were specially adapted for us - to help us. They are our allies and us to them.

In my practice of acupuncture, I found that deep healing occurs during the process of acupuncture for various reasons. One of the main reasons why I watch, especially since the practice in New York City, is that during acupuncture, people take linear time. They are released in three-dimensional world of schedules and demands and reactions. Most times, they are able to discard everything that is pulling down and are able to reach a place where consciousness and the subconscious mind can be mixed and integrated. When this happens, move more and more into the whole being.

The most important sentence you made in the acupuncture school was when one of my teachers said, "The disease helps us to manifest our destiny." I love the concept. Its symptoms are your guides. Love them. Honor. They always push you more joy, more creativity and a closer alignment with who you are. What could be better?

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