It is not clear how children’s contact with Teacher Aides has improved the quality of their educational experience. More models on how Teacher Aides were functional in a class are needed to justify their role in class, more direction would allow Teacher Aides to have a more definitive function in the class. Clear research should shed light on how Teacher Aide support should be structured towards pupil interaction and discussion patterns. Feedback from pupils should be considered in improving the Teacher Aides role. The model should clarify whether train a teacher with more roles in a class rather than two adults over-duplicating duties.

Well designed training of Teacher Aides is required to ensure their profession is well described and their job description clearly stated so that they are not viewed as second-rate paraprofessionals. More description of their job is required on support towards learning and engagement, communication roles in relationships, acting as a bridge between teacher and student and enforce legislation as No child left behind (USA) or every child matters in the UK.


The author has attempted to paint a clear picture of understanding who a teacher aide Teacher Aides are in a class context. The role has been discussed from parent, teacher and pupil perception on the effect of the Teacher Aides on the student. In the opening remark about Teacher Aides, it was found that they were paraprofessionals required for the assistance particularly for pupils with difficulties and those categorized as those with Special Education Needs (SEN). Their importance has gained momentum over time and now they are understood to provide educational opportunities and effectiveness of schools in imparting knowledge to categories of students. Teacher Aides with more value would be those with prior experience, formal qualifications, pre-service and in-service training (The Open University, 2014).

USA, UK, and other EU countries have growing numbers of Teacher Aides in schools. Teacher Aides roles were clearly stated as being multifaceted and dictated by student categories. According to (Cajkler et al. 2007), Teacher Aides provided direct instructional support to pupils and act as an inclusion aide. For direct academic and socioeconomic contributions to pupils, they supported teacher inputs and peer interactions with qualifications and teacher aide courses like the Cert 4 in Education Support with ACTAC. Besides, they supported optimal student constructive participation in social and academic excellence through inclusion support. They act as the mediator between the student and the communicator. At times Teacher Aides performed tasks that enhanced teacher focus on academic engagement. For the pupils Teacher Aides painted a different picture to them; Teacher Aides managed the behavior of young children by ensuring that they better understand the task. Pupils gained self-confidence and motivation thereby reducing chances of misbehavior in class. However, pupils ‘perception of Teacher Aides role in class was to help their teacher who might get into a mess. They did not perceive them as behavior managers. Others perceived TA as a nuisance who hovered in class and meddled in their affairs what they could manage on their own. New study gaps have been found within the profession of classroom Teacher Aides. It was not clear how children’s contact with Teacher Aides improved the quality of their educational experience. More models on how Teacher Aides were functional in a class are needed to justify their role in class. The reviewer has attempted to navigate the concept of classroom teacher assistants or aides (Teacher Aides) and confirms that the profession has a gray area that needs to be clarified to remove ambiguities and professionalize the Teacher Aides in order to pay them well and define student or pupil expectations of them. More policy guidelines would ensure that the Teacher Aides are protected and appreciated more. Lastly, Teacher Aides are vital in a class setting particularly where we have SEN or students who speak English as a second

language or those with behavioral disorders. A much clearer description of Teacher Aides roles would make their job easier and enjoyable.

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