PR agency services in India are divergent to advertising agencies. Public relations services involve the promotion of brands, companies, or individuals via editorial coverage. PR is known as "earned" or "free" media where the stories or articles on websites, newspapers, magazines, and TV programs are published as compared to "paid media" or advertisements. Public relations services aim at promoting their clients and making them seem as successful, honest, meaningful, exciting, and as relevant as possible.
Research target market and personas
Researching the target markets and personas is the first and essential part of Public Relations Services. PR agency in Pune is best known for its PR services because when the agency gets on with a new client, the agency considers the audience as their priority and sets the tone for the rest of the PR strategy. If you don't target the audience after proper market research, you might as well be shooting in the dark!
Once a target market is identified, PR agencies sketch out what they believe to be their target customer's persona. This includes age, gender, income, interests, goals, dreams, and much more. By narrowing in on the persona they are trying to reach, publicists are able to understand better which publications would cater to this audience and perfect their strategy in achieving this persona through targeted media outreach.
Create targeted press lists
Creating a targeted press list can’t start until you know what type of editors and writers you are trying to reach. This is where research comes back into play.
The best PR agency in Mumbai/Pune is known across the nation for its experienced professionals who identify the appropriate trade, local or top-tier publications for their target press lists, depending on the product, services, or vision you want to pitch.
Once these media outlets are identified, they will hunt for the editor or writer. This is often done by searching for editors and writers who have written about similar topics to what you are trying to pitch them. For example, if someone in PR is trying to pitch a fall recipe roundup piece featuring their client, they will look for writers who have written recipe roundup pieces before.

Create compelling pitches
Drafting pitches involves lots of creativity, persuading, and exciting journalists to cover the PR professionals' unique story. These stories are usually drafted by looking at the recent trends, political and industrial trends, launch or announcement of new products or services. The PR professionals of the best PR agency in Mumbai/Pune are known for their come-up with unique angle of stories.
Conduct outreach
Today, pitches are typically sent via email to targeted press lists and then followed up via email or phone. This PR aspect also involves media relations, which refers to the back and forth communication with journalists and the media. This outreach's ultimate goal is to create positive press, and by extension, a positive feeling about your client.
Coordinate and handle trade show opportunities
Suppose a client is involved in trade shows. In that case, PR agencies are responsible for identifying new trade show opportunities, setting up interviews at trade show booths, drafting trade show press releases, securing speaking engagements, and scheduling time slots for editors to stop by and chat. A PR agency primarily handles all the media-related details to ensure the event goes smoothly.
Handle all aspects of influencer relations
Similar to media relations, influencer relations involves creating targeted lists, creative pitches, and outreach. The main difference is that media relations target journalists from online publications, whereas influencer relations target influencers from social media channels like Instagram and YouTube. The goal here is also relatively the same; get eyes on your client so you can increase brand awareness, gain new customers, and drive sales!
Conclusion: Whether building brand awareness or driving traffic and sales, PR exists to manage communication and build mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics. While some may still insist that PR agencies are full of spin doctors and liars, hopefully, this article could give you better insight into what PR entails!

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