In India one of the biggest social problems is the killing of the girls after their birth or while still in their Mother’s womb. In rural India and in some urban places in India, some parents have a feeling that daughters are a burden on them because they have to pay a heavy dowry at their marriage. It is for this reason that many conservative families are more in favor of boys in their family. But this concept needs to be challenged!

Education has been made free and compulsory for girls as well as for boys till class 5 by the Government of India. But making education free is not enough to solve the problem of killing the girls in India after the birth or in the womb. Education being made free and compulsory is an important step towards the emancipation of it, because if a girl is educated in the family then the entire family will be educated because only a girl knows the importance of education and will ensure everybody else follows in step. If a girl is educated then it results in the development of the individual as well as the nation. Out of 1.3 billion people living under the poverty line in the world, 70% are women. It is an obvious fact that education can bring people out of the ignorance of poverty.

The lack of education is not the only reason, behind girls being killed the moment they are born or while still in their mother’s womb. India’s education system is highly subsidized so the actual reason behind that is the dowry which drives parents to the drastic situation of killing the girl child. Education is one of the problems faced by the people of India because the killing of the girl child is a social issue and needs a social mindset change to address it. No amount of laws (which already exist) will help, education helps in changing their views. In India it is essential for the people to change their mentality. Even though the Government offers free education, it is expected that it should also introduce some plans for girls to make them to realize their importance.

Providing free education would be a great initiative of preventing female foeticide. This would also encourage the parents to send their daughters to school because it is free and they don’t have to pay anything extra to them. But anything free is not good understands the value of free things because they don’t have to pay for it and free education is only valid for poor people because they can't afford education. As people who are competent enough to avail the education for them there is no use of free education and they never release the importance of free education.

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