Everywhere we look, we can find people telling us how they made money by investing online. From social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to videos in youtube.

But the truth is that most people haven't even made any real money at it. And though some may have a group page on Facebook or a channel on YouTube, many are trying to get you to invest the money you have into products that have little or no return at all.

I am going to show you a way that will really get you going in the right direction. A system that really works, and it is affordable.

Now the fact is, if you’re like most people, you may not know how to invest. You are looking at the future for you and your family and wonder which direction to choose.

Your concerns are valid, and you keep asking yourself how are you going to afford to get retired? How are you going to pay for medicines that you will need when you get older? And even more, questions may appear such as:

● Where to start?
● What is my budget? What can I afford?
● What is the cost?
● What are the risks?

Where to start is a question that chases the new investors. It is quite challenging for those who do not know where to begin.

When looking for somewhere to start investing, you should look at the process as planning for the long term.

Look at what you want by sitting down with an advisor and mapping out goals and creating a map to follow.

Having your goals in place is strongly recommended. From one year away to all the way to your age of retirement the company you choose must have your best interest at heart.

TeppersList’s goal is to make sure that you, as an investor, have different portfolio sizes available to meet your needs and offer risk adjustment returns for all their customers, something that a lot of companies do not provide.

With other companies, the risk is higher than the return. In most cases, you will lose it all, and there is no way to recover any losses. Risk vs. reward is extremely important, but many times overlooked.

Next to consider is your budget. How much money you need to invest depends on which company you will use. Some companies require that you have $50k-$100k to begin investing.

Most people who work in blue-collar jobs cannot afford that kind of money to invest. They spend their lives trying to make it on what little they make.

The companies they work for offering them simple 401k plans for retirement. But that will only give them a start, it will not help them in the long run.

So, the options you have can be limited without having an outrageous payment.

What is the cost? The average price will differ from advisor to advisor. Depending on the amount you invest will determine the fees, so the higher the payment, the lower the return rate is.

For most, the return will be somewhere around 7% after the fees it could be 6% or lower, so it really doesn't make sense.

The advisor is working on a commission-based pay, so the higher the investment, the greater the commission is for the agent.

Leon Tepper, CEO of TeppersList.com explains how his company looks out for its customers. By offering three different types of services that genuinely benefit any type of investor.

It is the company’s top priority to keep your investments on the right track and earn your trust for years to come, making sure you have a wealthy nest egg when it’s time to retire.

Now the questions every investor asks, what are the risks? There are many risks when it comes to investing. You have to know what to buy and when to sell.
Not only for new investors but also for those who are veterans at managing their own stocks and portfolio, this can be a challenging task.

What to buy is just as important as what not to buy. The knowledge and guidance needed to determine each step depend on how much you know.

There are plenty of ways to find out what to buy and what not to. Most investors believe you can always find it online. Some even go by the earnings of the company that owns the stock. They couldn’t be further from the truth!

There is way more to the process than you think. There are investment firms that have criteria they go by.

Statistics that tell you whether to get in or get out. These are changing in payouts to the shareholder, the price for the stock, as well as the increase of the revenue for the company and much more.

But if you don't know what to look for, you can lose all your investments faster than the blink of an eye. So, ask yourself ‘how’ and ‘where’ can be a great place to start.

If you don't know where to start, let me give you a hint. TeppersList has a proven step by step criteria to find out what works and what doesn’t. It is based on analyzing companies’ data and their abilities to perform well in the stock market.

If you take away anything from this, realize that investing is up and down, and it can be a real headache for both newbies as well as those who have done it for a while.

With the constant changes involved with the markets out there, it can be a duck shoot.

And it seems to get harder for a lot of people to make a three and four-figure income through investing.

Finding the way to be successful at it isn’t that hard if you choose the right company to guide you through.

Author's Bio: 

Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur