There is no gainsaying the fact that today, there are so many money making opportunities thanks to the unlimited ways the Internet now indicates. Gone are the days when access to the net can only be gained through slow connection by the dial-up process but with the emergence of the novel idea of broadband network, surfing the net is as easy as singing a nursery rhyme.

Apart from the fact that one no longer needs to go to the library for information and research except one cannot help it, whatever one needs can be got as far as knowledge is concerned once one has access to the computer and a fast speed Internet connection and there is where paid survey comes in. This means that the inevitable means of communication, work and contact between you and the prospective companies for which you are going to work is online.

As at this moment, there are so many legitimate companies as well as fake ones that are only there just to defraud you of your time, money and energy without giving you anything in return for your efforts. What is of much concern is how one sifts the shaft from the grain that is getting the right from the deceptive ones.

This, however, is the way to go about it. Just go to any of the existing search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, aol etc and type in “credible paid review sites”, legal paid surveys, paid survey reviews or best paid surveys. With these good keywords you should be able to find the list of paid survey sites and look particularly for those advertised on the right columns of the research results. They should be considered as the reliable because these foremost search facilities will never allow bogus companies to advertise on their platforms because of their longstanding reputation that they would not like tainted.

By the time you go through this simple process, there is a possibility of getting the good ones you can rely upon to make remarkable income. The next step is to screen each of them by going to the search engines again, type in the site names and follow it with “review” depending on your whims and caprices and this will let you know the impression of these paid survey companies by the various people that have got one thing or another to do with them. It is only the testimonials you get in this regard that will let you form the right opinion before you go ahead to sign up.

Another thing that you should do along the line is to avoid websites that claim to supply you with free paid survey because it is likely that you may end up in getting nothing from them but gift vouchers after you must have filled out several form for them. If it at all you are getting any monetary reward the highest you can get is $10 which takes you nowhere from your original intention of making money through this process and the advice here is that you should just shun them like plagues.

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Ade Adenekan, the Executive Director of Pan-African Reconciliation Center (PARC) and the African Center for Peace Education and Training (ACPET) is a self improvement enthusiast and blogger.

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