In the journey to build self confidence lots of people waste their time and effort trying to impress everyone around them in order to become worthy

The problem with this approach is that:

•The person assumes that he is worthless unless otherwise proven
•The person feels worthless whenever he encounters someone new to him
•The person loses his identity as he tries to please everyone

So how can self confidence be built??
Self confidence is nothing more than a set of beliefs that YOU have about YOURSELF
This means that in order to become confident you need to alter YOUR beliefs about YOURSELF and not the beliefs of everyone else about you!!

Sounds easy but how can it actually be done??
Consider your subconscious mind a friend of yours who is watching you all the time and recording the things that you do

If you managed to impress your subconscious mind it will change its idea about you (the beliefs)

The more you impress your subconscious mind the more it will change its beliefs about you and the more confident you will become!!

So you don’t need to try to prove to everyone you encounter that you are worthy you just need to prove it to yourself!!

How to impress yourself

You need to challenge yourself in order to impress your subconscious mind.
Some people will get goal setting wrong and set any goals just to have something to do in life and certainly that will never help

If you want to impress yourself then you need to set goals you never dared to think about before

If you fear public speaking then of your goals might be delivering a presentation in front of 20 persons

This can be divided into

•Improving your presentation skills
•Then doing a presentation in front of one close friend
•Then improving your skills even more
•Then doing it in front of 2 people
•And so on

When you manage to reach that goal your subconscious mind will become impressed because it discovered that you can do things that others can’t do

This will trigger positive self talk and this self talk will give you more confident

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