When flipping through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine you’ll frequently see articles on choosing the best bathing suit, dress, or business attire for your body type. So why not do the same for scrubs, especially since those in the medical field wear them much more frequently than swimwear! We’ve identified the best cuts and styles of scrubs based on four common body types to help you look and feel your best while on the job:

Hourglass or Curvy: full bust that is equal or very close in measurement to your hips, narrow waist
o Do: Choose clothes that work with your natural curves, this way your outfit will encourage the correct proportions
o Do: Look for high-waist, straight leg pants so the eye is drawn to a thin middle
o Don’t: Don shapeless or boxy styles, like baby-doll tunics or over sized cardigans
o Try: Cherokee scrubs mock wrap tunic, wrap tops create a diagonal movement across the body which is more forgiving and the v-neck flatters curves without overdoing it

Rectangle or Straight: strong, broad shoulders, proportional hips and the lack of a highly defined waist
o Do: Wear a fitted jacket to “break up” the shape and create a more defined waist
o Do: Select styles that cinch at the middle but flare out at the bottom to boost curves, like boot-cut pants which give the impression of all-around shapeliness
o Don’t: Pick anything too flowing or unstructured like Empire-waist tops
o Try: Ruffles, fluttery sleeves help to add volume to bust and shoulders, which subsequently adds definition to the waist

Triangle or Pear: hip measurement is larger than bust measurement and a small to average sized waist, shoulders and torso are narrower than the hips
o Do: Look for dark wide-leg pants, they will slenderizes thighs while creating a longer and slimmer silhouette
o Do: Opt for boat neck tops under a hip-length jacket, drawing attention to the open neckline broadens the shoulders to offset fuller hips and evens out lower body proportions
o Don’t: Reach for skinny pants, they won’t create a flattering shape, along with items that are too over sized
o Try: Printed tops draw the eye upward, paired with a solid, dark pant to elongate, try the Cherokee scrubs ½ elastic ½ drawstring waist pant for a smooth shape

Inverted Triangle: large bust, wide shoulders, small hips (more top-heavy vs. bottom-heavy)
o Do: Stay away from large prints or horizontal stripes on top
o Do: Lean toward darker colors to make you appear thinner
o Don’t: Go for high necklines, puffy or gathered sleeves, and prominent collars or frills, these will exaggerate width
o Try: V-neck, side stretch panel tops, the contouring and vertical seaming will help create a favorable line, paired with boot cut or cargo pocket pants to “balance” overall shape

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