Have you ever asked your friend, the one who is only a long boarder, tips for riding a big wave on a short board? "Hey Fred, I know you love long boarding, but can you teach me how to surf on this short board?" You probably got some good tips and coaching instructions. Even better, have you ever asked your grossly out of shape friend tips on weight loss? "Hey Fred, once you are done eating your double chili cheeseburger and eating that pound of french fries then devour that chocolate cake, can you give me some advice on dieting? I want to lose 20 pounds." Sounds ridiculous doesn't it, but that same scenario happens all the time just by who you hang out with everyday. Friends can be great support and have a fun time, but if you set a goal which is incongruent of the life style you want, you may need to realize that you may have set the wrong goal or you have the wrong support group.

Imagine trying to stop drinking, but you hang out with friends that only drink and constantly try to get you drunk. Unless you have iron will power, you may consider taking a break from those friends until you either stop drinking or develop the will power you need to be successful. Values, goals, beliefs, and even your friends are all influencers in your ability to achieve your goals. Once you set your goals, seriously ask yourself if the people you surround yourself with can be supportive or help you achieve what you set out to achieve. You don't have to throw away your friends, some are lifelong friends, but you may consider finding additional support and guidance from those who help you achieve your goals.

Your friends affect you by pulling your focus away from your achievements and providing advice for something they have not achieved or want to achieve. Some of that advice can be valuable and the value occurs when those people really care and support you. In the case for people who have different motivations, their advice changes your focus from the target you want. Think of it as icing the kicker if you are a football fan. Right before you are going to kick a football into a goal, the other team's coach calls a time out. If you are that kicker, you may not have the focus to achieve your goal again. The more you focus and align yourself to your goal, the better chance you have to achieve that goal. Your friends are just as much a factor as your personal values are in achieve your dreams.

Here are five places or ways you might find the support for your major goals in life.
• Join a club with people who have similar goals. If you want to surf, go take lessons.
• Go take a class in what you want to learn or achieve.
• Go ask someone to coffee and find out what makes them successful. Good successful people tend to want to share why they are successful and they like free coffee.
• Go hang out at places where successful people tend to be hanging out. Ask questions and be curious.
• Go online with facebook, twitter, or find a forum with the type of people you want to hang out with, learn and contribute.

To achieve the goals and the results you want to achieve in life you may have to rethink every aspect in life. The aspects that affect your outcome includes the people you surround yourself who want to support your goals in life. Values are another important aspect.

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Author's Bio: 

I have over 20 years of experience in business, engineering, education, and helping kids and adults reach for their dreams. I have two undergradulate degrees in understanding human behavior, I attended master programs for both engineering and another for business. I have worked in the desert with kids and been a senior leader at a couple of fortune 500 companies. I started a successful company, raised capital, and been living a life with friends and family. I've been a programmer, CEO, and a Chairman. I have read 100s of books on self-improvement, management, and been a trainer for one of the most famous public speaking courses in the world. I've made it my life to understand how people achieve their own greatness. I am also a father, husband, and friend. Most importantly, I love the ocean and beach. I surfed when I was a kid, took a long break and started back up as an adult. I love surfing.

Most importantly, I have struggled with achieving the enjoyment of the struggles of life until I was older. Even when we look around in life, we see success all around us, but we may not know the internal struggles people have to achieve those successes. I have been that person, not really enjoying or grateful for what I have in life and what I could achieve if I just focused on the right elements in life.

As for my philosophy, I look at challenges in life like I look at a wave. It's coming no matter what I do, I can't stop a wave from coming. How I position myself determines if I am going to ride, get tumbled, or go over it. I don't hate the wave or fear the wave. This is how I can help you. I can help you position yourself to get exactly what you want from that wave, whether the wave occurs in your job, relationship, money, or yourself.

See you on the waves! Live happy.