Voice broadcast is so simple, effective and cheap it is a surprise why it is not used much more as it deserves to be. Startups, small businesses and even large enterprises can get so much more done in a shorter time simply by resorting to the use of voice broadcasting solution. Getting the right solution is important if you want it to be a versatile, multi-function tool. Asterisk voice broadcasting solution custom made for you is the right way to go if you want maximum usage and maximum returns. 

Custom voice broadcasting solution is better

The simplest voice broadcast software lets you record your voice and link it to a list of telephone numbers. Click on send and the software broadcasts thousands of voice messages in just a couple of seconds. However, custom Asterisk voice broadcasting solution can be much better: 

  • Each user has a different need. Schools need a system that is different while the purpose of governments can be different. With a tailored voice broadcasting solution you have precisely the features you need to get the work done better, faster and cheaply.

  • Regulatory compliances vary from one country to another. For instance, the US mandates compliance with FTC and FCC regulations. This is something your voice broadcast software takes care of, such as segregating DND numbers and helping you to make sure the software sends out identification according with requirements.

  • Governments and schools, for instance, may need to broadcast just one standard message to thousands of recipients. Businesses may need to personalize messages. This calls for more complex voice broadcast software development where one can use variables in the text to speech software, the variables linked to customer numbers and data in the CRM.

  • Governments may wish to send out only one way messages. Businesses may need two-way interactivity in which case the vendor will customize the software to interface with IVR, provide a call back number or key press option and connect with an employee, besides capturing data in the process.

  • The purpose may differ even in business. You may wish to conduct a survey. You may wish to send out an offer. You may wish to promote a product or brand. You may wish to generate leads. Custom development based on Asterisk is the best way forward to get your voice broadcast tailored to your purposes. 
  • You already have IVR, IP PBX and other VoIP solutions in place and wish to layer in voice broadcast. Custom developers will integrate it much better and at a lower cost.

  • Customization gets you interactivity by way of conversational AI chatbots or by connecting with an employee.  Such conversations may be recorded. 
  • Then, you can get it set up so that the broadcast is automatically triggered upon settings linked to data in the CRM. For example, payment reminders can go out automatically without your employees needing to segregate lists and manually handle broadcast.

  • Speed of transmission may be important (without violating regulatory guidelines). In this case too, you can get the developer to set up the solution to send our millions of messages in minutes. 

Making it easy to use

Custom development of voice broadcast software has one other main benefit. You may have the best tool but what use is it if it is difficult to understand use? Custom development gets you software with a user interface tailored keeping in mind knowledge of your users. Make it easy to use and your employees will put it to frequent use to inform customers, wish them on special occasions, push offers and conduct campaigns. 

Why voice and not text?

  • Voice broadcast is cheap. If you think of cold calling one number after another it could take days and cost would be high compared to outcome. Switch to voice broadcast and voice messages go out in seconds or minutes and that too at a time of your choosing. 
  • Recipients do not have to respond immediately. The message stays recorded in their phone, ready for response when they feel like it.

  • Voice has allure, much more immediacy and calls for interaction compared to text, which can appear impersonal and clinical. 64% targets surveyed said that they like voice interactions. 

Your best low cost highly effective salesman

Voice broadcast can be put to good use to send out notifications, conduct surveys and make announcements. However, for startups, small businesses and even larger ones, it is the best low cost and highly effective salesman working around the clock. Set it up and let it do its work while you do yours. 

The key to success with voice broadcast is to get it customized to your needs with the help of competent voice broadcasting solution developer expert in the use of Asterisk platform. Asterisk is one of the most widely used open source VoIP platforms and when your voice broadcast is built on it you get seamless integration with other VoIP solutions besides low cost of development. 

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