The Rich and Powerful and the Power of the Unconscious Mind

Have you ever noticed how the rich and powerful give off an aura? It’s not that they necessarily know more than we do, or that they’ve paid more attention at school. They just have something more than most people seem to. Do you know what the paradox is, though? They have nothing more than you or me. Their brains are wired similarly, they’re no bigger and they have the same human foibles as you and me: they’re humans not all powerful beings. Yet there must be something that drives them to the top. That something can be described as the unconscious mind.

Turning On the Drive

The human brain is a complex muscle. Thanks to its large frontal lobe, we’re able to think, in depth, about theology, physiology or anything else that takes our fancy. Yet we still only use a tiny fraction of that power for our everyday lives. Of the whole brain, only 3% is used during your daily life, despite the brain using up 15% of the entire body’s cardiac output, as well as 20% of its oxygen consumption. On top of this, the brain uses glucose as its main energy source, so uses 25% of the body’s total glucose supply.

All of this power and you’re only using 3% of its potential. But this is where the difference lies between you and Bill Gates or Larry Page. It’s not intelligence, empathy or anything else like that. Put simply, they know how to get to that hidden power.

The Determination Matrix

Something that you might find in common with every powerful person you meet is a sense of determination that almost pulsates out of their every pore. These people seem to know what they want and know how to get it far more than you or I do. What they have is the ability to access the power of their unconscious mind and then harness that power for their own means. Simply by accessing and using a tiny part of that 97%, they’re able to fulfill their dreams and put all their good ideas into action.

They’re not wired differently to you or I, they’ve just managed to cultivate a link between their conscious and unconscious minds. The best thing is that you can do the same. Yes, you are able to open the door to that vat of powerful energy that sits unused in your brain.
How is that possible, though? Before we get to that, you need to understand a bit more about your unconscious mind.

Watching the Unseen

At every second of your life you are being distracted. Whether you are a master of concentration or not, there are a million things happening every second that almost scream for your attention. If you’ve ever had to take screaming children to school in the morning or be stuck in a never ending traffic jam, you know the feeling.

Buddhist monks try to retreat from this complicated life through meditation. They push all thoughts of these distractions aside as they search for spiritual peace. By blocking out the rest of the world, they are able to concentrate absolutely on one tiny fraction of it all.

There is another way, though.

All the while you are walking down the road, swimming in the sea or just sitting and reading a book, your brain is absorbing the information around you. It has been shown that people can remember details about a scene whilst under hypnosis that their conscious mind had no idea about. This is where that 97% comes into its own: in the collection of every tiny thread of information the world has to offer.

The Fleshy Filing Cabinet of the Mind

The unconscious mind can be seen, therefore, as a filing cabinet. It stores all the images, emotions and ideas from every second of your life. Unfortunately, it is out of your reach…if you don’t connect your conscious and unconscious minds. The most common way of accessing these filing cabinets is through the power of dreams. Your dreams are often like a playback of the unseen items from your daily life, whether they are physical or emotional.

Freddie Mercury had a special headboard made for his bed. It contained a piano keyboard – he was double jointed and learned how to play with his hands upside down. During the night, he would dream and dream through the previous day and as soon as he woke, he would play the notes that stuck in his mind. As soon as they appeared in his waking state, he could remember them with his conscious mind. In this way, he was able to use the power of his unconscious mind to create best-selling music.

Accessing this power is does not happen at the click of your fingers. When you do manage to turn a flash of inspiration into a torrent, however, you will feel like you never have before. The power of your unconscious mind, the power of just a fraction of that 97%, is enough to lift you up above your peers and help you to complete your goals. is dedicated to teaching this powerful skill set to its students through the use of hypnotic meditation

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Author Tore Kesicki is life time student of (NLP) Neuro Strategies , Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression.. He is also one of the countries top life coaches and has a Mission To Bring Love, Light & Happiness Into The Lives he Touches Through Education Via Divine Spiritual Counciling . Mr Kesicki Has Been a Life time student of Quantum Mechanics and his most recent work is soon to also be published