Bringing a revolution is not a one-day affair. It takes days, weeks, months, and years to bring a revolution. A revolution brings a new idea and turns it into practice. When it is finally brought about, you find answers to problems that were once considered unsolvable.
So, what makes a revolution succeed? Is it the idea itself or the way it makes a place in everyone’s mind? And what takes for it to succeed? While the idea is certainly important, so is the treatment is given to it, the solution that is being proposed, and the determination and perseverance with which the idea is implemented. Many ideas fail as soon as they are introduced. Some fail after a flying start. But some pass the test of time and finally bring their own era. They become an inseparable part of society’s new way of functioning.
It takes a lot of conviction on the ideator’s part to put faith in their idea and convince others on why they need it. Habits, they say, are not easy to make or break. To make people understand what they are doing is mediocre and that there is a better way to do it takes courage and a lot of persistence. They need to be sure of their idea first and that it will pass the hundreds of litmus tests that people will subject it to.
In this edition of Insights Success, we bring you Revolutionary Companies to Watch. These companies have built a name for themselves by delivering quality products and services consistently over years.
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