We exist in a world that is bound by key players controlling the flow of consciousness in order to continue their personally beneficial constructs. Very few people have the power or the capacity to go against a system that has existed for thousands of years. Deep roots are very hard to unearth even for the most experienced of revolutionaries. However with enough inequality and injustice felt by a particular segment of society's consciousness, certain actions were programmed into place in order to prevent the complete monopoly over the entire system for too long a time. Small glimpses of power are given to those who try to take control, however their programmed deconstruction is inevitable. It is impossible to fight against a system in which you are already bound, it does not allow back-hacking, and it certainly wont be overcome by sheer force alone. Such is the nature of the Game that we have currently decided to play.

There exists a concept ingrained deep within the Collective Unconscious that allows for the promotion of certain souls to be elected as leaders within society. This concept of subconsciously electing leaders is highly controversial as you will soon learn. The Collective Unconscious is a sea of consciousness that surrounds the planet and groups all living things into that of a singular energetic composition. This group can be termed 'the consciousness of humanity'. However within the consciousness of humanity there also exist small segregated groups that coincide with the consciousness of particular elements of society. These societal groups may connect together countries, cities, religions, organizations, and even things as complex as specific bloodlines. These societal groups can be termed "the consciousness of society" as it may refer to one of many interconnected societies around the world.

With something I would like to call The Leadership Paradigm, the consciousness of society elects certain souls within itself to act as their leaders and partake in a particular pathway of learning. If you can visualize a group of white balls floating in a cluster, to then push outwards one single floating ball to the top; who will now act as their designated leader, you can understand how The Leadership Paradigm works. All leaders must be subconsciously selected by their greater society in order for them to effectively lead them. If no such selection process occurs, it is impossible for an external soul to lead that group. The group will subconsciously reject that applicant, similar to how our bodies reject foreign material, and either neutralize that leader or eject it out of the body of consciousness. With the understanding that a particular soul has been subconsciously pre-selected, the conscious human beings playing within our Game become attracted to those certain souls without fully realizing why. This conscious attraction is what persuades them to vote that particular leader in. They follow that leader because they subconsciously understand that this is the correct pathway for events to unfold.

I must also make mention to the fact that not all subconsciously elected leaders gain their positions of power fairly. Some conduct a military coup, others deviously plot their way in, and a few even find their way to the top due to underground affiliations with the controlling parties. However a leader makes their way into the position of power, it doesn't actually matter. If they gained that position, it means that position was available for them to take. Leaders who are not subconsciously elected do not have true power over the group they are presumably leading. If they can not truly control or make substantial progress, then they are not truly leading.

Leaders who have been elected by the consciousness of their society hold a complex that no other types of souls mirror. There are many types of leaders: organizational, political, societal, etc, and all of those leaders have an inherent complex that makes their leadership possible. Natural born leaders make friends with true strangers, people are just drawn to wanting to be led by them, they have charisma and stamina in the public eye, but more importantly they demonstrate something which the consciousness of that society needs to learn from. This is where my topic starts getting into hot water, and I am not going to excuse the truth behind what is currently happening in our world. Leaders who demonstrate an extreme amount of negativity towards their people, were subconsciously elected to hold that position in order to conduct a legitimate negative pathway of learning for the people within that society. This trait is most commonly found in African and Middle-Eastern leaders (however I would not like to discount Western leaders) who abuse their power of office to steal wealth, impoverish their nation, conduct aggressive internal wars, and even participate in active war crimes.

It is very difficult for me to write this as there will be major backlash against the idea of people wishing harm against themselves as the excuse for why it originated in the first place. However then again, most are unrealized to the fact that we do indeed attract legitimate negative pathways of learning so that our soul may understand some of the very harsh lessons for what it means to be alive. What I am also suggesting is that some of the worst leaders in history, were indeed elected by the consciousness of their society. The reason I know this is because of the strict programming that our system has in-place, those who rise to the top are destined to rise to the top. No single individual will ever be able to artificially manipulate the destined future of the Collective Unconscious. Though many may feel this is the bombshell of my article, trust me I am only just getting started.

Revolutionaries are programmed to exist and come forth in societies that no longer need the current leadership system in place. The deep rooted systems often strictly oppose their change, and after a few failed attempts at peaceful resolution by the consciousness of that society trying to override a particular negative element, a true revolutionary is born. A true revolutionary is a suicide angel; they are elected to rise to the top and consciously conflict with a set system that will frantically try to save itself when threatened. Revolutionaries gain momentum and support by the masses, their thoughts upon the creative destruction of the old systems and the introduction of new paradigms go absolutely viral. As natural born leaders, they develop a following very quickly, their efforts clash directly into the sights of existing players. They become a true threat not from the power they hold in material assets nor their knowledge upon war, they are a threat because the people believe in them more than the existing system.

Man at the thought of losing money and power will soon become the Devil himself. Most revolutionaries are killed before their momentum takes flight into something that can not be stopped at a future date. Though their physical bodies may die, the sea of consciousness that was awoken out of its slumber, goes on living within the hearts and souls of all involved. This is the true war on consciousness; to activate souls out of their passive consumer-like state, and inflame them into something worthy of being alive. An uprising so powerful that the consciousness of society becomes affected for hundreds if not thousands of years on end. The Collective Unconscious does not want to be changed, it prefers maintaining such high rates of conscious growth through negative pathways of learning, the system itself programming revolutionaries to spike consciousness at predestined points in time.

The most famous revolutionary on Earth was not Che Guevara, even though his image is one of the most well known, the most powerful revolutionary to ever walk the Earth was Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was not the first revolutionary, however his single lifetime introduced the most significant religious and spiritual paradigm on Earth that has lasted over 2000 years. His teachings sparked a whole new reason for why man was even on Earth in the first place, so powerful were his words that entire governments now seek religious affiliation or risk losing popularity with their citizens. Jesus Christ was crucified for believing in Love, for rejecting a deep rooted system, for introducing something that opposed the key players' authority and control. It is sad to say that nothing has changed over the past 2000 years, to live the life of a revolutionary is to live a short yet highly influential life. Very few souls have a substance nor the willpower to be a revolutionary, it is a rare complex deserving of respect and commendation.

Jesus Christ was tried as a criminal and was sentenced to death by crucifixion. Most souls today who are labelled as "criminals" have in some small way revolted against the system, and are now being punished for breaking the laws. Laws were created to not only "protect society" but also act a double-edged sword to maintain society in the most ideal state. The system would rather passive consumers who can be controlled rather than people revolting against the laws the system has in place. The original idea of a criminal was to label a person as being a threat to society in some way, more importantly a threat to the system's sustainability. In the same way a "heretic" is somebody who opposes the generally accepted religious notions set out by the controlling party of that particular nation. The art of labeling others tries to systematically legitimize yourself as the "authoritative body" who is somehow more in the right than the person or thing being labeled. Assumed power can be a very complex field to tread, especially when you truly believe what you are doing is right. However labels carry convictions, and to label a revolutionary as criminal is to assume the system is somehow more legitimate than what the Collective Unconscious is trying to achieve by subconsciously electing that revolutionary out of the masses.

True revolutionaries do not come to fight physical battles, the real wars are conducted over the consciousness of humanity. Most people are asleep until they start noticing discrepancies between their model concepts of reality and what is actually happening in the world they are living within. Sparking that interest in the first place is the hardest part. It is much easier to control somebody who does not understand or even believe in what you have the power of doing. Many continue existing in a trance-like state without a care in the world, a great majority with their illusions of grandeur still firmly in place. Consciousness itself will start a wildfire if it believes it is becoming too stale; a negative event is born. That of a single spark is enough to initiate a movement within the masses. Revolutionaries spark life and create volatile systems in their wake, they shed light upon mechanisms that prefer to operate within the shadows of ignorance and doubt. Like butterflies showing their colorful beauty over very short periods of time, revolutionaries will keep birthing light upon the planet in hopes that life will one day stay that way.

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Sufian Chaudhary was initiated into the spiritual world by Archangel Uriel, Jesus Christ and Ascended Master St. Germain. His teachings are channeled by the original Masters who first brought them to life. Born in Australia in 1988, Sufian completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Property Development and started working full-time for one of the world’s largest accounting firms by the time he was only 19 years old. After being in the extremely powerful presence of Archangel Uriel, Sufian has chosen to dedicate his life to teaching the world how to commune with the Archangels.