So you've been arrested for driving under the influence. What's the next step - hire yourself a DUI lawyer or try to defend yourself for being obviously intoxicated (or worse, stoned) while behind the wheel? We would definitely recommend the former, and this article shall deal with the role of the is a dui a crime and how he or she can help bail you out of such an embarrassing situation.

It's very simple, to be honest. These lawyers specialize in defending people who have been caught driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. They are experienced in handling such cases and as such, they have the proper knowledge of local and national DUI laws. While hiring a DUI lawyer is not an automatic escape route out of trouble, hiring one at least gives you a better chance of having such a case stricken from your record. Why act as your own lawyer and leave your fate at chance once you can hire an attorney who knows what he or she is doing and is clearly familiar with the laws and policies in your area?

Before the actual trial, you and the DUI lawyer will have to huddle together for a pre-trial conference. In such a conference, the lawyer will advise you whether you ought to be pleading guilty or innocent. He or she is going to also provide you with options and/or suggest a defense that would possibly mitigate the fees against you. Your DUI lawyer will make sure that you get the best defense possible, and if you hire a particularly good one, then you just might find those charges getting dropped once everything has been said and done.

There are several things you can say during your trial that could work in reducing your charges. For instance, you'll be advised to say that your impaired driving was a results of medication - and by medication, we mean the legal variety, of course. Your DUI lawyer might also advise you to invite a few witnesses to prove that you were thinking clearly and acting rationally prior to your arrest. You can even claim that there were discrepancies in the breathalyzer test administered by the arresting officer. It all depends on the circumstances - just leave it to your lawyer to make the suggestions as they have (or should have) the requisite skills and experience.

At the end of the day, it would be your word against the arresting officer. We must remind you that DUI lawyers are not a cure-all for your legal woes. But they can certainly help reduce your charges or even help get them dropped. The best defense, however, against a DUI charge, is less expensive and complicated than you may think. If you've had too much of the sauce and need to drive home (or drive somebody else home), have a sober "designated driver" do it for you instead.

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