I am pretty sure that lots of people would agree that cutting down on kitchen waste is a really good thing. A recent study found that throughout Europe and North-America, an average person is accountable for disposing of around one hundred kilograms kitchen waste every 12 months. As a visitor to this article, I’m certain that you don't produce that quantity, however generally there is a tiny bit more we might all do to cut down. An indoor compost container, and more specifically a kitchen compost bin, is a tremendous way to recycle leftovers and reduce waste. The following are seven reasons why we think that a Bokashi composting system makes an excellent kitchen compost bin.

Smell free. Bokashi Composting is really a fermentation process instead of being a normal composting process. It does not need to have air, and so is smell free. The Bokashi container should be shut, completely, and won’t produce nasty smells to invade your kitchen.

It's easy. You don't need to separate out cooked foodstuff, meat, fish or cheese. You don't need to think about brown layers or green waste. It is all welcome in a Bokashi bucket. Just use a bit of Bokashi bran and leave it to ferment. You won't even need to turn or ventilate the mix as you would in a typical composting system.

Nutrient retention. Whatever you put in the Bokashi composter remains inside the Bokashi composter. No gasses are released which means nutrients cannot escape. The end product is nutrient rich plant food.

It's compact. A Bokashi bin will not use up very much space in the kitchen. After a couple of weeks of fermentation within a Bokashi bucket, organic matter can be applied right away in the yard, so you won't need to have a substantial compost heap outside the house to actually recycle kitchen waste.

No pests. Unlike typical composting, organic matter does not rot inside of a Bokashi composter. Consequently insects aren't attracted to what's going on. Added to the fact that an airtight lid can be applied, it means that a Bokashi bucket will stay bug free.

It's quick. Bokashi composting is much quicker than typical composting. This means that you'll be able to put the recycled nutrients to excellent use in the yard, and begin filling the bin once again more frequently.

You will throw out much less rubbish. All food waste may be added to a Bokashi compost bin, so practically nothing has got to be put in the trash. This will stop your rubbish from smelling nasty and also means you send less to landfill.

I hope we’ve persuaded you that a Bokashi composting system is the best choice for your kitchen. If you haven’t already, now is the best time to get started with your kitchen composter. We could all do a bit more to cut down our waste, and clean up the environment. This small step of recycling your food waste using a Bokashi composting system could go a really long way.

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