Now the number of infertile men patients is increasing seminiferous duct blockage is among the reasons behind male sterility. Once the vas deferens are blocked, it will result in inability to conceive and have an effect on family members peace.

A lot of men desire to avoid it with time, so what exactly is the main cause of vasectomy?

1. Congenital abnormality of vas deferens:

Congenital undeveloped or dysplasia of vas deferens will cause blockage of vas deferens and irregular climax, and it will also result in significantly less semen quantity and azoospermia.

2. Contamination:

Popular bacterial infections involve seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, epididymitis, tuberculosis and epididymitis in the epididymis and vas deferens. These microbe infections can cause vas deferens blockage.

Normally, the junction of the epididymis and vas deferens is much more common.

3. Vas deferens tumors:

Pressure of cancers through the vas deferens itself or surrounding body organs will lead to obstructions of the vas deferens, resulting in the malfunction of spermatogenesis.

4. Injuries:

Varicocele, hernia restoration, spermatic cord tumor surgical procedure and the like can cause damage to the vas deferens Epididymis seminal cyst, testicular sheath effusion surgery can damage the epididymis Prostate surgical procedures might cause ejaculatory orifice occlusion Or although there is no straight injury, but postoperative contamination adhesion, scar tissue development and the like could also lead to blockage in the vas deferens.

Healing approaches:

1. Treatment of main ailments

Initial we have to remove the major cause, patients who develop from illness should take anti-contamination remedy very first, people might take a solid anti-bacterial anti-inflamation impact of natural medication Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to help remedy, it consists of a lot more than 50 Chinese holistic elements, so it does not create any side effects or substance opposition on your body and can effectively aid sufferers get rid of the affected areas.

After the inflammation is treated, recanalization implies can be considered.

2. Tumor resection

In case the spermatic cord, seminal vesicle, prostate tumor or cyst, or another surrounding body organ cancers or cysts are oppressing the vas deferens, surgery is attainable.

3. When the lesion is with the tail from the epididymis, vas deferens and epididymis anastomosis are attainable, Anastomosis of vas epididymis and deferens.

4. Vasectomy

In case the obstructions is within the vas deferens, the obstructive sector are easy to remove, and the vasectomy can be performed.

5. Transurethral climax

It can be ideal for ejaculatory duct obstructions.

6. Inner urethrotomy or urethroplasty

You can use it to deal with urethral stricture or atresia due to urethral trauma.

7. Semen acquisition and ICSI therapy for epididymis and testis

For your congenital bilateral lack of vas deferens, obstructive azoospermia which may not restored by operations and maternity failure after recanalization, ICSI treatment method with epididymis or testicular semen is really a far better remedy for infertile guys who wish to have children.

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