Reasons Why You’re Not Rich
If you ask around if one wants to be rich, the answer will be a big fat YES. In the most recent report from Pew Research Center, things are looking up for emerging and developing countries. Many believed that their children will be better off when they grow up, 50% from emerging markets and 51% from developing economies. While advanced countries are pessimistic with 65% parents thinking that their children are worst off. Chances are many will be rich and have good opportunities. You are among the many. With the right thoughts and knowledge on how to be rich, you will be one. Next question in mind is why are you still not rich this time? Luckily, we have the answers…

1. You do not think you are truly rich
-You concentrate too much on money as the basis of being rich.
-Evaluate on where you are rich with. Do you have many friends who are always there to help you in times of need and fun? Does your parent loves you and support you tremendously? Are you healthy and fit? Are you wearing clothes and sitting comfortably? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are truly blessed. It only means you need to take a look at a new perspective.
-Remember the law of attraction because it goes the same with the law of prosperity.

2. You fixate on negativity
-You do not believe that positive things are going to happen and stayed mopey.
-Rely that you deserve to be rich, visualize it and do what it takes to be one.
-Remember your glory days. The purpose of this is not to live in the past but actually the future. If you felt how good you were in doing something such as writing or drawing maybe, you can feel it again. You will be reenergized to get through difficult because you already did.

3. You do not take risks
-You are always in the comfort of your own pace. Being complacent is not bad as long as you are progressing. But if not, you will end up poor.
-If you take risks you are being in charge of your life. Risks give opportunities for growth. Allow yourself to learn ways to earn money using your other skills and passion without stressing yourself. Start a new business – cupcakes, coloring books, electricity repairs etc.
-Remember that if you fail on your new venture, you still have other ways.

4. You conform with society
-You follow instead of leading.
-The norms of the society may not be always to for you. -If people keep on posting their newly bought gadgets on Facebook, why would you? First of all, if you do not have it and no ways to have it, why post some too? It may feed your ego, but not for long. You will crave for greater things until you end up with nothing but credit card debts and zero balance account.
-Remember to stay low key. Do not boast what you have. If you share good deeds, do you really need comments of acknowledgment?

5. You do not believe in yourself
-You keep up with everyone and very dependent.
-If you compare yourself with others you will never be the “real” you. You will tend to copy everything they buy. You cannot afford their lifestyle unless you are opulent enough. Focus on what you are good at and harness it. Show the world that you can be the best that you are destined to be.
-Be confident that you can save and not just spend.
-Remember that you are unique. Use that to your advantage and meet your goals.

Isn’t it good to hear if you are being interviewed by Nancy Steel of Time Magazine on how to be rich? You will smile and tell her all about this five reasons that hindered you before. Tell her you have learned a great deal of help and worked hard for being truly wealthy. Shake her hands and thanked everyone.

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Juvy Ann is a passionate Author, Life Coach, & Internet Marketer who resides and writes in the Philippines. Currently, she serves as the CEO for IWorld Vision Trading, Inc.

Both persistent and driven, Juvy Ann has dedicated a lot of her time to learning all things business and has been an ambitious entrepreneur since 2012.

Juvy Ann holds a B.S. in Accounting. Additionally, she is the member of the Marine Life Protection Association.

When she isn’t writing, Juvy Ann enjoys going on adventures and traveling. She is also a coffee aficionado. Most importantly, she enjoys spending quality time with her wonderful family. Jo is happily married and a proud mother of 1 beautiful child.

Along with crafting stories, Jo is presently completing her training to become a motivational speaker.