Two Men - Steve Abraham and Michael Arucan - from different parts of the world got together and set up BonVoyage1000 providing opportunities for members to travel around the world. That members are eager to meet the passions rooted in creativity, participate in or attend a sporting event, cultural, or create holiday fun and memories for their families, BonVoyage1000 allows them to fulfill their dream vacation.

The company, BonVoyage1000, gives members access to savings that make travel more affordable and attractive. Members can interact directly with the traveling companion of the company. This cuts the high costs such as interim payments and hidden costs more to provide the members at an affordable price you can travel anywhere in the world at a price that makes travel more accessible to a worldwide more affordable option. The partner of company has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. A global consolidation of condominiums, cruises and stations of the sister hotel of the company buys in bulk and can offer incredible deals to members. The partner provides the best offers available in the condo, cruises and hotels for members of BonVoyage1000.

Of course, traveling the world has too high a price to be considered viable, but union membership BonVoyage1000, customers can make their travel dreams a reality.

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BonVoyage1000 stands for three things: a simple but powerful financial plan, an exciting and enduring product, and caring, competent leadership.