Goal achievement is not just practical; it's magical! Even though it is the result of something that is, for the most part, easy to comprehend, when we watch a dream turn into reality it feels like the essence of real magic and inspires us with enchantment.

As I have explained in a previous article, the process of goal achievement basically comes down to something extremely simple: persistently take the best action you can, aimed at accomplishing what you want.

As I also explained previously, we block ourselves from following through on goal achievement when we make our action-steps too hard to actually execute. Believing that we need to do more than we can, we come up with impossible schemes to achieve our spectacular dreams, and end up feeling stuck.

The fact is that any action you take aimed at the outcome you want advances you toward that goal. Achievement is magical, but not really that mysterious. As long as you come up with a truly do-able action, and follow through on that, your success is going to happen.

But here is where goal achievement gets even more magical. No matter how easy the effort, no matter how slight the contribution to your advancement, every action aimed at goal achievement works... even symbolic action! Understanding the power of symbolic action makes goal achievement even more magical than it already is.

Symbolic action is the easiest way to move any goal achievement process forward. Your subconscious does not differentiate between real and symbolic action. In other words, an action means what you decide that it means, as long as there is some logical connection between the act and your intention. For instance, a symbolic action to help you to achieve a goal of losing weight might be to shove an imaginary plate away, as you say to yourself, "I can easily stop eating."

Each time you successfully complete a symbolic action aimed at goal achievement, your motivation, confidence and concentration levels build, making you more focused, determined and unstoppable as you advance toward your goal.

Taking symbolic action may seem childish and inadequate to make any real difference in your goal achievement process, but that critical attitude expresses a self-defeating mindset, which we can refer to as "the analysis that leads to paralysis".

To increase your income you might take a walk, imagining that every step leads you into a better economic situation. To develop a talent you might take a drink of water, imagining that the water is liquid talent releasing your higher genius. To solve any problem at all you might snap your fingers and say, "I've got it", pretending that you just got your solution.

Expecting too much of any action is as self-defeating as expecting too little. Snapping your fingers or drinking "liquid talent" may not take you all the way to goal achievement, but it's an easy way to get moving in the right direction, and to continue moving in that direction, until the magic of goal achievement happens for you.

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