When I was young, I had lots of toys. While my sister had her dolls, I had my action figures, toy guns and toy vehicles. Playing with those things, I believe, provided me much imagination as a child and I would play according to what idea I had then in mind. Now, I have outgrown them but still cherished those young years of me playing with different kinds of toys, but why I was playing with them? Why do parents buy their children toys to play with?

Over those years, I thought buying toys were just one of parents’ responsibilities to their kids, and they can be responsible parents if they can afford their children action figures, dolls, toy swords, toy guns, building blocks, toy vehicles, toy sports equipment and any other things they can play with. Some parents even go on to make simple toys to make their children happy. As kids grow up, the play things differ as some stuffs are not suitable for very young children, let’s say a three-year old baby boy cannot play with action figures yet.

For children, they may not yet understand the value of the things their parents give them, but for us grownups, we understand that parents always want the best for their kids. As much as we want them to have fun and feel happy, we want our children to learn and to develop themselves. By handing them the appropriate toys for their age, we are educating them even before we enrol them to schools.

Kids would totally have fun with they stuff they play, but in fact they are already educating themselves. In many ways, a child can learn things with a particular toy they are playing. For instance, my parents bought me G.I Joe and WWF action figures and I learn to recognise the colour of their costumes and read the texts on their packs. As time went by, I was able to memorise almost all the characters of G.I Joe and WWF and even recognise them on TV. Here, I learned to recognise and memorise things, no wonder I can remember things too.

The thing is same too for Lego or any other brands of building blocks. When a child is good with building things out of building blocks, the parent assumes their child will be a great architect or engineers when they grow up. This is also the same with toy sports equipment which can greatly hone a child’s sporting skills and animal figures which can help develop a child’s love for animals. I guess I know why my sister wants to become a fashion designer: She loved playing her dolls, especially her Barbie dolls back then.

It would depend on the kid and the particular toy in question too. Children should play with the right toys for their age so they can have the right development and the right imagination. Early on, toys can help develop the mind and help play the imagination which children can channel through the things they play with.

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James Mueller, a practicing wildlife photographer. Has be a designer for decades and a great Chef. Most of the time spending His time with his kids playing toys and computer games.