We live in a time when there are so many voices and self-proclaimed opinions that the realms of spirituality become confusing and dark. We have also adopted the way in which we make something to be true if it fits our convenience while disowning those that disapprove of our lifestyle.

So then, what is the truth? How do we seek the truth in our spirituality?
Many of us find it hard to give the definite answer to that. Nevertheless, we still find ourselves pondering over it with the inner desire to attain the spiritual light for a peaceful existence. Throw to it the multiple preaching from various religions and it gets even more confusing.

First of all, let us understand that the truth in spirituality is not necessarily religion based. All major religion – Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. – speaks about spiritual truth and enlightenment. And though they may be spread in different geography, time and language the truth in all remains the same.

The ultimate truth is that “The spiritual truth is within us” regardless of gender, race, age, religion. Spirituality surpasses all religion.

What exactly is the truth? How do we attain the spiritual light?
Well, with all the confusion and complexity surrounding spirituality it may come across as ironic to some that the Truth is very simple. And it can be found in many things (big and small) of our life.

Here are some of the greatest truths in spirituality that you may help you in your quest for spiritual enlightenment:

1. The Truth is in the Small Details of Your Life: Are you one who is always looking for God or the divine and never quite able to find one? Stop looking. The divine is in the work of nature, it is in your everyday life. Spiritual light can be seen in the laws of balance. All you need to do is live according to them and generate the meaning and blessings from the cosmos.

2. Everyday Holds the Gift of Truth: Put your life to best use. Make it meaningful. Don’t waste it on useless and negative energy like grudges and hate – they do no good for you.

We get used to waking up every day that we have taken a new day for granted. Getting a new day is an extreme gift of life that not everyone gets. You may not get tomorrow so live today in the best possible way.

Look at things from a new perspective; discover the life and beauty in everything. When was the last time you noticed a leaf falling from a branch to the ground? The light is in the consciences and syncing with the natural force that surrounds us.

Work for a good cause, try to leave positive trail behind however small they may be. Make your life count!

3. Evil Contradicts the Truth: Evil exists in its many forms. Every time we knowingly make a wrong choice we tamper with the truth. The spiritual journey is about abiding with the truth. Do not do wrong. This may not always be easy but is something we must strive for.

4. Love Will Lead to the Truth: Share your goodness with others; show as much love and compassion as you can. Spread joy and happiness. This doesn’t mean to behave foolishly in the name of love or to let others use u. It means being loving in the way you treat or approach people, giving your patience and help to those who need it. Remember that kindness and patience are important at all times.

5. Miracles happen for Real: Yes, it does. Don’t ask for a miracle for something that you can do on your own. Miracles never come to complaining and lazy people. But divine intervention comes only to those who believe and have the faith, hope and never give up no matter what.

6. Live Bold and Fearless: Don’t give up as long as you are alive. It is not money but will that is necessary to make a difference in your life and in the world. Live life to the fullest, take a chance; make use of every opportunity that comes by. Make the choice that will have a positive impact on you as well as others.

7. Prayer: Take your own time and way to pray. It could be in the form of meditation, a strong positive wish or anything that helps you channel your thought into one thing. Prayer cannot be seen but it is a very strong force of mystical power. Prayer heals. The power of the mind and will and the ability to wield is one of the major aspects in the path of spirituality.

Each of us is a part of the universal energy and we are thus connected by the same energy. Remember that the spiritual power is within you. Spiritual truth and enlightenment is accessible and available to all. All you need is a wholehearted desire, open mind and resoluteness in seeking the light. And also you should have inexorable patience and perseverance for a quest as great as this one.

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