At last the very word “GO!!!” this is the athlete’s favorite word because in all preparations, and alertness, he cannot start the race without the “GO” signal, he cannot start the race if the command has not been given.
The ‘GO’ command ushers you into the most spectacular time of your life. This is unassailably true because it is the set time for you to unveil all the secret preparations you put yourself through. The go season of your life is the season for maximum output and action. This time is the phase of your life for dynamics.
At the ‘GO’ command the runner propels himself, asserts all his strength and puts all his days of preparation into use. At this point, distractions are not welcomed, all the focus of the runner is on the finish line, and every action is channeled to bring him closer to the fulfilment of the purpose of the run, and that is to win the race.
So too in life, the ‘GO’ period of your life is very crucial. It is the time for the actualization of your life vision and purpose. It is time for you to embark on the mission you are born for. It is time to shun every type of distraction, it is time to pursue with all you have, it is time to run to obtain.
Now also note that ‘GO’ is a command and every command is backed by an authority. That is to say you don’t move without the sanction of the race commander. This is crucial to note because, if you start running without the umpire’s approval, you are in danger of being disqualified. In the race of life, if you jump the ‘GO’ order, you are likely to run in vain and most times run into trouble.
On the flip side, if you are not sensitive to capture the order quickly when it is issued, you are likely to run behind time. Therefore, it is expedient to be apt and have unwavering alertness in order to take off when due.
Looking at these two scenarios, you are meant to maintain a balance of timeliness. This is essential because, the knowledge of the set time gives you a leverage over others. When you are sensitive to the timing of your life race, you will not rush into it and you will not be taken unawares by it. In fact the scriptures clearly states that there is time for everything under the sun. Every season of your life race has a purpose. It is then left for you to engage the purpose of the season. Your ‘GO’ season is action bond and for you to win in the race of life, you must RUN.
Life’s race can be likened to a hurdle race. There are deliberate obstacles on the track, you are meant to jump pass them. The hurdles make the race interesting because every hurdle jumped successfully, brings you closer to destiny fulfillment. Jumping obstacles are not easy but they are part of the race.
The race of life never ends until you breathe your last breath. So every day is a race day. Every day is a destiny appointment, every day is loaded with obstacles to overcome and opportunities to win so your attitude to it determines how the race will end. My dear run to WIN.


Author's Bio: 

Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God’s word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract