Welcome Young Ones, this is DZAR.

We are here this time to talk to you about a shift that is occurring because of who you are, we are here to talk to you about a shift that is happening now and will be ongoing for the next year. We are here talking to you now because you have manifested this shift.

There is a shift in the state of being of those who are hearing this message and those who will soon hear this message. There is a shift within you that you have all felt, that you have all recognized because of your connection to the ground you walk upon. There is shift that is occurring because you are feeling a deeper bond, a deeper connection to the planet you inhabit, to the Beings you see around you.

There have been dates in history in which energetic shifts and changes have come to this planet, there has not been a greater time than now because of the collaboration of souls that is beginning, because of the expressive energies that are wishing to be released. We feel the shimmer, we are feeling the shifts across the universe.

There is the sense within so many of you that you are wishing to move faster, that you are ready to release the struggle and move faster towards flow, towards the true expression of the True Self, of your Soul being fully expressed and experienced in your physical world. This is not because of a sense of selfishness, it is because of a sense of compassion because of a sense of community towards you and the earth you walk upon.

There has been no other time greater than now. We are responding to you, we are responding to your expression and your will to move faster, your will to take control and shape the destiny of your own planet. You have seen what is going on around you and you are not content, and you also understand that the events that are happening around you are because of the expression of Self, for that is where it all begins and you realise this. We are here to help you change this expression so that you can be the catalysts for change upon your planet.

This is the quickening created by you and felt by so many. We applaud this space. The time of the 2012 has aided a community energetic expression to occur. The dates are a focusing point for many energies but remember, Young Ones, they are created by each of you because you are the energy of creation that creates all that is experienced in your world.

So it is here, it is now and it will continue to expand and grow because of who you are becoming, because of the changes you are wishing to manifest within your own globe. You are understanding that by changing who you know yourself to be, you change the entirety of space that surrounds it.

We applaud and are excited by the possibilities that you are manifesting because of who you are knowing yourself to be. We will always shift and adapt and change to your consciousness for that is what consciousness is...awareness, adaptability, compassion...so welcome to a new era manifested by you.

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Channeled Spiritual Guidance from DZAR, a group of compassionate Energies from Source, sharing tools and practices for Reuniting Human & Spirit.

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