There comes a time,in the evolution of the soul,when the individual is no longer satisfied with the pursuit of material goals and conventional existence.She or he begins to ask questions such as:What is the meaning of life?Who am I?What is my place in the universe?...Thus,one may begin the search for enlightenment and liberation.The individual becomes a seeker, and embarks on a long and heroic journey of ever expanding consciousness.Along the way,the seeker will be propelled by a sense of longing,that will not cease,until the final return Home-back to her/his divine origins.
Some souls are born to be free.Most souls are not brave enough to pursue a path leading to freedom.Of those who pursue freedom,most fail,due to lack of proper knowledge,lack of resources or lack of discipline.The pressure of society on the individual to conform,can be enormous.Most people do not even realize that they are conformists,let alone what they are conforming to.They take the beliefs of their group,the social order and their place in it,for granted.The stakes are high,as society would generally oppose someone,who tries to break out of the mold.People around the seeker may feel that their habitual patterns of thinking and way of life are being challenged.This,in turn,may put the life of the seeker in danger.
To find true liberation,the seeker must free his soul.Liberation,in an ultimate sense,means that the soul has completed its earthly lessons and no longer needs to reincarnate in the flesh.Liberation is the result of inner processes that lead the individual to realizing her/his true nature.In order to achieve liberation,the seeker goes on a quest for spiritual knowledge.The seeker aims to discover The Known,The Unknown and The Unknowable.In other words:The Totality Of What Is.This totality was named by the ancient Toltecs:THE NAGUAL.Of course,the totality of what is,cannot be fully discovered;only a fraction of it can become known.The universe and life in it,remain a mystery.However,deeper and deeper levels of knowing can be achieved,and complete knowledge of the mind can be obtained.
On his journey,the seeker meets many teachers,practices many techniques,learns many disciplines,all of which lead her/him eventually,back to themselves-one's own essential self.One discovers who one is,outside of the definitions and illusions of society.This discovery leads to enlightenment,resulting in the end in liberation. Eventually,the individual consciousness will merge with the cosmic consciousness,permanently.
There are many spiritual traditions and teachings dealing with liberation.Some of the knowledge they hold is universally useful for the individual seeker,and some may completely be useless or even misleading.So,while the assistance of enlightened beings and well tested teachings along the way is necessary,every seeker must find her/his own individual way to liberation.Most seekers spend many life times on the path to liberation,before achieving it,as there are many pitfalls and detours along the way. Impeccability with one's energy is required.Once,one has achieved total knowledge of the entire contents/inventory of one's mind,as well as complete knowledge of the mechanisms of the mind [all the complex ways in which the mind works],one is liberated of it.One is no longer controlled by the mind,but in control of it.
Finally,when one is free of the tyranny of the mind,one experiences the bliss of Union With The Divine.Cosmic energies and intelligence would now flow through the individual without obstruction.The seeking comes to an end.The expansion of consciousness continues,but without effort.This is enlightenment and liberation.The Jewel In The Crown Of Existence.And yes,it can be achieved!

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Gloria Eagle[Oracledreamhealer],is a modern sage.She is a spiritual healer and teacher-a guide to liberation.She is thankful to all the teachers she was fortunate to have along the way,of whom the greatest was her personal teacher-Carlos Castaneda.Castaneda represents The Nagual tradition. This tradition she has inherited from him.
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