”People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” - Anthony Robbins

There is no question about it. Just having a goal is not enough. It’s like a motor without the fuel – it just won’t run.

The fuel to keep your motor running is your purpose, your why you want to reach that goal of yours. And like there are differences between different fuels (like gasoline vs. diesel oil), there are differences between purposes. The bigger your purpose, the more important it is to you, the better it will fire you up and keep you moving towards your goal.

”You may put your time and money into something, but if your ”heart isn't in it” you know from experience that the results are poor.” - Mark Joyner

A good way to check if you can get your heart into your goal is to take a quiet moment and go into that future moment where you have reached your goal. Let yourself relax and visualize yourself having reached that goal. Really let yourself feel how it feels. See what you see, hear what you hear. Be in that moment, be there fully as if it is really taking place. Pay close attention to those feelings and where in your body you feel them - and what direction are those feelings moving.

As you feel those feelings and see how your life looks like when you have reached your goal, ask yourself “is this good for me and the important people in my life?” Then ask yourself “How is getting this goal positively affecting and influencing my life?”

Then take those answers, and those feelings, sights and sounds with you as you return back to the present moment. Hold them in your mind and heart and write down the purpose behind your goal. Why do you want to reach that goal?

If every time you read your goal, and the purpose behind it, you get fired up, then you’ve got a worthy goal. And the more it fires you up, the more worthy of your time and effort it is.

Last, but not least: check if your goal provides value for other people, as well. Because, as a wise man has once said:

”Time and time again, we find that the people who are truly satisfied and enriched in this life, the ones who have achieved what is indisputably happiness, are the ones who have sought to create value for others.” - Charles S. Sanford, Jr.

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Author's Bio: 

Written by Hannu Pirilä, CEO and founder of HPA Consulting, eMBA, Licensed Trainer of NLP, Licensed NLP Coach and Licensed Business NLP Practitioner. The author is one of the leading Personal Development and NLP Coaches in Finland.